Re: “Who will you call when EMP shuts down U.S.?”

I will suggest that WND refrain from “Gore”ing us with EMP.

I will refer you to Alamogordo, the Enola Gay at Hiroshima, Bock’s Car at Nagasaki. In none of those nuclear air bursts was there any lasting damage to electronics that were in near proximity. The planet is constantly bombarded with EMP; it is the natural product of lightning. EMP rapidly dissipates with distance, although sensitive receivers will pick it up at great distances.

Semiconductor devices are the most susceptible to damage. In most cases, that damage is temporary. In general, “hardening” against damage is provided by metallic enclosures, think of a tin can, or even a layer of aluminum foil. The case of your PC is more than adequate if you are far enough away that the fireball does not damage it.

Every boater is very familiar with an artifact of EMP. Keep an AM radio on your boat. It will warn you when there are lightning strikes causing EMP in the vicinity. No, you will not get the same warning on an FM radio.

That was my field of expertise in the ’60s. I doubt if it has changed since then.

Morton Friedman

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