(The Atlantic Wire) Republican leaders have universally condemned Todd Akin, but the conservative ground troops aren’t so unified. The backlash to the Akin backlash has two arguments: that he’s apologized and must be forgiven, and that his fake science wasn’t so bad.

Akin got in trouble for saying in a “legitimate rape” the woman’s body rejects rapist sperm so she won’t get pregnant. Mike Huckabee emailed a furious defense of Akin Thursday, saying the Republican Party had betrayed a man who “owned his mistake.” He warned that a “quiet army” would not appreciate seeing one of their own fed “to the liberal wolves.” Other evangelical leaders agreed. The threatening tone was picked up by other conservatives Friday. At World Net Daily, Diana West says that Akin “recanted” his “perplexingly ignorant” views, so the Republican Party should quit “ostracizing” him, or else. “Prediction: If the GOP establishment doesn’t follow Republican Rep. Todd Akin’s example with a big, fat apology – to Akin – the whole party goes down in flames come November,” West writes, next to a stock image of fire.

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