(LIFE NEWS) English writer Lynn Beisner is drawing gasps from readers across the world today over a column she wrote in the London Guardian saying she wishes her mother had had an abortion, because it would have supposedly made her mother’s life better.

Titled, “I wish my mother had aborted me,” Beisner writes: “This is no ‘I wish I’d never been born’ howl of angst. I love my mother, and having an abortion would have given her a better life. There is no way my love-starved, trauma-addled mother was in a position to raise a child.”

Perhaps taking the pro-abortion argument to is extreme conclusion, Beisner takes her frustration about pro-lifers out in her article:

“If there is one thing that anti-choice activists do that makes me see red, it is when they parade out their poster children: men, women and children who were “targeted for abortion”. They tell us “these people would not be alive today if abortion had been legal or if their mothers had made a different choice.”

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