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Imminent retirement of the gaffe-master?

On Aug. 17, in response to vehement questioning at the daily White House news briefing, Obama spokesman Jay Carney claimed that the president will not pick a new running mate on or before the Democratic National Convention.

This begs the question as to why, if President Franklin D. Roosevelt dumped two of his vice presidents (John Nance “Cactus Jack” Garner and Henry Wallace), it is at all inconceivable that President Obama could replace Joe Biden with Hillary Clinton.

That is hardly an impossibility, particularly if he promised her in confidence – and also delivered to her a written confidential promise – that if they were elected, he would retire in three years. This would be in order to allow her a possible year’s incumbency before running herself for our nation’s highest office.

From the Washington Times – a newspaper often critical of Obama – came a lead editorial on Aug. 17 headlined: “Obama Should Dump Biden”

Among this editorial’s reasons for this advice to the president:

This editorial also considers the idea of transferring Biden to secretary of state, when “it would be crazy to put a gaffe machine in position to cause trouble in the touchy world of international diplomacy.”

“The Democratic National Convention at Bank of America Stadium in Charlotte, N.C., isn’t until the first week of September, which gives Mr. Obama three more weeks to change his mind about a running mate. It would be wrongheaded to suggest the thought hasn’t crossed the president’s mind. Unless campaign operatives chain Mr. Biden to the wall of a dungeon for the next two and half months, there is always a good chance he will stick his foot in it again and unload something stupid. A big mistake at the wrong time late in the cycle could cost Democrats a close election.”

In the event that Biden is not replaced, let me add the question: Where will President Obama ask Vice President Biden to campaign for him?

Can you, too, imagine the president, at one of those weekly luncheons with the veep, saying:

“In six of our Western states, there are millions of voters who have in all past campaigns seen their states bypassed.

“These six states, in this very tight election, can provide enough electoral votes to win! And that’s why I’ve asked the campaign to arrange for you to spend the eight weeks – and huge distances – campaigning in Wyoming, Montana, Idaho, Nevada, Alaska and Hawaii!”