A recent trend on the micro-blogging site Twitter, most likely prompted by furor over Rep. Todd Akin’s inexplicably stupid comments about rape, dredges up a years-old hit piece by Democratic Party mouthpiece NBC. The purpose of the trend, and the goal of those citing the 2009 article, is to concoct the statistic that “Republican sex scandals outnumber Democrat sex scandals two to one.” Like all Democrat propaganda, however, the political efficacy of the assertion is somewhat hindered by the fact that it isn’t true.

Somewhat hindered means it’s being repeated ad nauseam despite being false. The impression with which one is left, after a casual perusal of countless lib “studies” like this, is that one would have to be a fool or a sociopath to vote Republican. Republicans, in the minds of reporters who mouth liberal talking points instead of engaging in journalism, represent all that is evil in the world. Any action taken to marginalize conservatives and push them out of political power is therefore justified in the mind of a leftist, no matter what depraved indifference to truth, morality and the law must be employed to accomplish this end.

This explains the redefinition of Akin’s possibly career-ending comments, which have prompted widespread disavowal of him by the Republican Party and presidential candidate Romney. Make no mistake: Akin is a fool. The nature of his comments, however, has been cast as part of the mythical “war on women” in which Democrats insist Republicans are engaged. Never mind the fact that Akin’s moronic words were motivated by an opposition to abortion, rather than an affinity for sexual assault (as they have been presented by liberals). Never mind the fact that when abortion becomes commonplace, it is daughters who bear the brunt of sex-selection abortion, erasing generations of women from the world (as in communist China). Never mind the fact that Democrats can make any number of idiotic gaffes that go largely ignored or blandly excused (epitomized by Joe Biden’s day-to-day existence). No, Akin is a Republican, and, therefore, he is a malicious evildoer by definition (and not merely stupid). Any mischaracterization or exaggeration of his foolishness is justified because his very being, as a category and a party, is anathema to progressives.

The same redefinition has occurred across popular culture when it comes to “traditional” moral values. “Traditional” appears here in quotes because, so often, this word is used to connote some kind of antiquity — as if moral values, once held sacrosanct, are now a quaint relic of a bygone era. Well, the era of widespread social acceptance of moral values certainly has passed us by. In its stead we have an Opposite World, a terra incognita in which black is white, up is down, and morality has been recast as “hatred.”

Do you stand for traditional values because you believe there is religious and spiritual foundation for them? Where once you were simply “square” or perhaps “repressed,” you are now a bigot. Your unwillingness to affirm others’ immorality is no longer merely the absence of validation. Your refusal to affirm is now explicitly an act of malice. Progressives don’t want your tolerance, where toleration is defined as allowing others to live their lives even if you disapprove. “Tolerance,” to progressives, is now active acceptance – the embrace of the perverted and the mentally ill. The immorality could be anything from same-sex marriage to bestiality to those weird, creepy losers who buy $6,000 articulated sex dolls. If you won’t congratulate all these parties with equal vigor, you hate them. And who is better qualified to tell you what you think than the libs?

The burst of argument online over Akin’s ignorant venom, not to mention his narcissistic refusal to step away from the Senate race, has fueled the resurgence of these GOP sex-scandal myths. Those pointing to years-old screeds do so against the backdrop of hatred for Republican lip service to morality. After all, the public expects perversion and depravity from Democrats, the party of Bill “put some ice on that” Clinton and Anthony “I guess I really did Tweet pictures of my” Weiner. Barney Frank’s homosexual lover was running a brothel out of his home, yet somehow Democrat voters excused Frank as he comically lisped his way through years in office. Obama’s Secret Service buys hookers and endangers national security, but the story disappears after a few creased brows aimed at the staffers and not their boss. Janet “Big Sis” Napolitano, she of the overtly lesbian haircut, is alleged to be humiliating male staffers in a hostile work environment – yet nobody cares and the story goes nowhere.

The studies cited “proving” that Republican sex scandals outnumber Democrat misdeeds are the usual misinterpreted or skewed drivel. The NBC piece selectively delineates its time period. (And it was written long enough ago that years of Democrat scandals since its publishing are conveniently ignored). A subsequent piece in the Daily Beast offers absolutely no supporting data, while concluding the numbers are almost equal. Ranker puts the numbers even closer – statistically even, which is a far cry from the “two to one” mantra bleated by liberal sheep. Then, too, there is the rather flexible way liberals define “scandal.” Anthony Weiner broadcasting pictures of his junk is weighted equally with Newt Gingrich cheating on his wife (the latter a marital issue and not a political scandal at all).

When the sloppy figures (drawn up with no regard to accepted statistical method) and intellectually dishonest conclusions of liberals are examined, they collapse. Sadly, this does not prevent useful idiots on the left from barking made-up stats like “two to one, two to one” while ignoring their party’s history of debauchery. Worse, the propaganda distracts us from liberals’ open support for normalizing perversion, a support that occurs behind judges’ gavels, directly affecting our lives. Ultimately it is this scandal – the scandal of liberals’ rape of the Constitution and of individual liberty, to include the very thoughts we think and express – that truly matters.

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