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Mitt Romney should pay more taxes?

Mitt Romney has steadfastly refused to release any more than two years of his tax returns. Good for him!

Since the left cannot make any allegations without those tax returns, they are simply complaining about Romney.

The left is outraged that Romney paid roughly 13 percent taxes on income of about $20 million. Unfortunately, many conservatives immediately bite on the argument of how much someone should pay in taxes.

The real question is: Why should Mitt Romney pay any more than he currently pays?

The most common reason given by liberals is the country is running a massive deficit, and libraries and schools are being closed.


Let’s look at those issues.

First, the nation is running a huge deficit. Why? Because the Obama, Pelosi, Reid axis of fiscal evil went on a spending spree unprecedented in the modern world.

But Mitt Romney should pay more taxes?

Really? Why?

So Joe Biden’s good friend, and dare we forget high-dollar donor, John Hynansky can get a $20 million dollar loan to open a luxury foreign car dealership in Ukraine.

Of course, Mitt Romney should pay more taxes for that.

What about the estimated $21 billion in fraudulent tax refunds that went out last year? Yes, he should pay more taxes for that.

Last year, 23,994 tax refunds were sent to one single address in Atlanta. That was a mere $46 million in tax dollars. One single bank account saw 2,706 refund checks, totaling over $263,000 deposited into it.

And of course, Mitt Romney should pay more taxes for this.

In March 2011, the General Accountability Office released a report identifying “hundreds of billions” of dollars in waste, fraud and duplicated services. Eighteen months later, nothing has been done to reduce that waste, fraud and duplication.

On June 1, 2011, Patricia Dalton, the chief operating officer for the General Accountability Office, testified before the House Subcommittee on Regulatory Affairs, Stimulus Oversight and Government Spending. She was asked about welfare spending.

She testified that she could not identify the number of welfare programs the government has, how much money was being spent on them or even if the programs were achieving the goals for which they were created.

In other words, the government is just throwing money out the window and flying blind.

And yet, Mitt Romney should pay more in taxes.

Last year, the flagship company in Obama’s specious “green energy” program, Solyndra, crashed. The government provided more than half a billion dollars in loan guarantees for that company, despite the fact experts warned the government Solyndra would fail.

In 2009, the Obama regime, the financial geniuses that they are, engineered a bailout of General Motors. Instead of an orderly bankruptcy, the Obama White House orchestrated a theft where shareholders and bondholders lost their legal rights, which were given to the labor unions.

What was the result of the bailout? As of now, the government has lost $16.4 billion on its GM bailout. GM’s share of the market is cratering so fast another bailout is inevitable – that is, if Obama is re-elected.

While Obama took GM from its owners, gave it to the unions and “encouraged” GM to produce an electric car that no one wants, the taxpayers of America lost billions.

And the left thinks Mitt Romney needs to pay more taxes.

The left always screams that it is only fair that the rich pay more than the middle class or the poor. Of course, the left’s real definition of wealthy is anyone who has a job and is not employed by government.

For those of us who pay taxes, is it asking too much that the money we currently pay into the system be used wisely before the government demands more?