In reading Bob Unruh’s story, “State’s highest court to review fine for faith,” several questions are raised.

New Mexico does not recognize either (the fraud of ) civil unions or same-sex “marriage.” The state also has anti-discrimination laws (state interest in preventing discrimination based upon sexual orientation).

Elane Photography was approached in 2006 for a photo shoot of a “commitment ceremony,” a sham to give the appearance of legitimacy to an act not recognized by the state. The Christians declined the order. The reprobates sued, and a district judge claimed the state interest in preventing discrimination based upon sexual orientation. It seems the courts in New Mexico have allowed the laws to be usurped by the reprobate.

The anti-discrimination laws appear to have been granted authority even over “marriage” laws. How can this case against photographers not be used to destroy and dismantle the state laws on “marriage”?

Professional photography ought not be compared to housing or labor. It is unreasonable to assume that the reprobates could not find one of their own with a Kodak camera for the memories.

This is all about persecution of Christians and the deliberate dismantling of America – a nation that once understood that religion, morality and knowledge were necessary to good government and the happiness of mankind (Article II of the twice passed Northwest Ordinance/fundamental law).

Isaiah 1:9: Except the LORD of hosts had preserved to us a very small remnant we would all have been made like Sodom and like unto Gomorrah.

Either we defend “marriage” and fundamental law and require the courts to do the same, or we are no longer fit to be called American.

R. Burkholder

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