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Nominating Obama: Why Bill and not Hill?

On July 30, the Democratic National Convention announced that President Obama’s name will be formally put into nomination for re-election – by the same nominator as four years ago.

That this will be former President Bill Clinton raises a number of considerations – including memories of Obama clashes with both Bill and Hillary.

That Hillary might well be the nominee in 2016 – and yet was bypassed this year in favor of her ineligible-to-run spouse – could very possibly produce some questionable or double-meaning content in Slick Willie’s nomination speech.

Columnist Robert Ringer, under the headline, “Bill Clinton enters the enemy’s tent,” writes the following:

“The Clintons and the Obamas don’t just dislike each other; they hate each other. And both have long memories. You can be sure that the godfather of the Democratic Party is still seething over Obama’s ‘playing the race card’ on Hillary and him during the 2008 Democratic primaries.

“Likewise, let there be no doubt that Obama has not forgotten Hillary’s pounding home the message that he was not experienced enough to be president. Or, more recently (according to Ed Klein’s book, ‘The Amateur’) that Bubba told a room full of supporters that BHO was an amateur.”

In American Thinker, columnists Kent Blackwell and Bob Morrison wrote:

“U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s motorcade was pelted with rotten tomatoes and shoes as she was being driven to the opening of a U.S. consulate general in the ancient Egyptian city of Alexandria. The mob chanted, ‘Monica, Monica’ to taunt the former first lady with the name of the woman with whom President Bill Clinton told us ‘I did not have sexual relations.'”

Since Monica Lewinsky’s name was definitely not forgotten by that mob in Egypt (or anyone else in the world), let me imagine what might well happen on the late afternoon of that evening before the Bill Clinton nominating speech of Barack Obama.

What might be done by one or more of those hugely funded conservative, independent and generally pro-Republican groups?

Imagine, say, 10 dozen two-and-a-half-ton trucks with their walls emblazoned with mobile billboards. Further imagine them engaging in two hours of encircling each of the hotels housing delegates and media.

What would be on such giant mobile billboards?

Imagine a huge photograph of a smiling Lewinsky – just above a large headline of the following historic words:

“Ah Did Not Have Sex With That Woman!”

It would surely not be necessary to identify either the figure or the exclamation on those giant posters. But this would be a devastating rebuke to that Democratic National Convention – as well as a national reminder of the caliber of that convention’s ethics.

In 1998, Bill Clinton became the second president in U.S. history to be impeached – with even some Democrats in the House voting that he was guilty of perjury and obstruction of justice. He was found guilty of lying about his relationship with a 22-year-old White House intern who provided him oral sex in the Oval Office. But the U.S. Senate, in one of the most disgraceful votes in U.S. history, found him not guilty 55-45. Instead of being sent to prison for perjury, he was allowed to make a court settlement of $850,000.

Despite his extensive number of adulteries, this monumentally adulterous and lying man has been invited to be a speaker at the last six Democratic conventions.