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Obamacare would do me in

I won’t survive Obamacare. Like many people, I require treatments to stay alive and to be productive. (I’ve worked in several industries over the years.)

Obamacare would take them away. Canada and the U.K. do not have them.

May I suggest a TV commercial? “I’ll be Dead Under Obamacare.”

For those of us with easily managed but serious health problems, Obamacare will do us in or make us unproductive citizens.

Being a longtime independent, I’ve already run across the problem of a different standard for Democrats vs. everyone else in Oregon’s system of government.

What happens when health care is for Democrats and not other parties (or lack thereof)? Ah, you voted for Bush, so you don’t get your diabetic supplies. Or asthma supplies. Or whatever condition one has.

Bill Hunt