Obama struts across the stage like John Travolta. He’s got that Saturday night presidential fever. He is so hot within himself that he has narcissistic fever.

I was in Bulgaria in 1972. There were huge posters of their leaders on the roadside. Everyone in the bus hated them. Liberal communist philosophy had destroyed the country. An old woman next to me was crying, “What have they done to my country?”

Obama is a marionette. He dances on the stage, hanging from the twine of his own conceit. The fingers of the Democratic ideology play him like a mindless doll. Here comes the great puppeteer – Saul Alinsky. At least he thought for himself. Obama repeats.

All the early pictures of Obama were red, Stalinesque, bloody dictatorial. The Democrats were  trying to capture Stalin’s aura. They were weaklings trying to imitate power.

And the Democrats call the right extremists? Obama can’t think. He is the embodiment of someone else’s philosophy. I knew his type during the ’60s. The hippies were so sincere that they cut people out with their serious intentions. They saw themselves as the truth, even if they had less experience, less knowledge, less foresight.

Would Obama only quit pointing at us? Obama always has his finger pointed at his audience like he is the great puppeteer rather than the puppet of the Democratic Party.

And Obama’s mouth. It has nothing to do with himself or his message. Sometimes his lips go down in a pout. Other times his mouth is open like he is catching flies, and there are the times when his mouth is closed and he is sucking on the words from the teleprompter, trying to make them his own.

If Obama could eat his followers, he would. He is the mouth of the West. He wants to digest us within his naïve liberal philosophy and to simplify the world in the image of liberal stupidity.

When Obama was running for his first term, he used to bounce across the stage like a track star. He still does that. Doesn’t he know that he no longer commands his audience? Doesn’t he know that his bounding across the stage like a conquering chief rather than a failed leader is ludicrous? Sure, there are still some naïve leftist fans who won’t admit how he has ruined our country.

Doesn’t he sense that the audience is smaller and that he has far fewer supporters? What fool could parade around in front of an audience and not feel the cold wind of disapproval? He talks about the Republicans being removed from the middle class. What about a faux rock star whose audience has left him for other tunes? He came in like a hot band but is sneaking out like a broken guitar string. Do you want to die with his tunes, or go on with a refreshing new party? Obama had his chance. Now it’s Romney’s turn.

David Lawrence

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