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Paul Ryan: Good PR

Now that the first shock and surprise has worn off the faces of Democrats, their operatives and their media supporters, the reality that Paul Ryan is the man for the Romney VP position has settled in.

It appears that Mitt Romney pulled it off.

He got the man he wanted to head the ticket with him, and he managed to do it before some left-wing media outlet wangled a leak.

Pretty cool, Mitt.

Let’s hope when you get elected you’ll have that kind of control over your administration.

Security leaks are nothing to be proud of, but you’d never know that from the sieve-like Obama administration.

From all the speculation and all the names that had been bandied about, it was a relief to have the announcement made without a lot of “I told you so’s” from media pundits.

Romney made his appearance, Ryan was named and the campaign began.

It was refreshing to hear a candidate talk about the goodness of this country, about restoring us to the greatness that we earned and enjoyed before the man who is president now got his hands on the wheels of government.

Whether you like him or not, Paul Ryan leaves no doubt as to where he stands on patriotism – not a word that often comes up in discussion of the administration we have endured for the last three-and-a-half years.

Then again, the left didn’t let a moment get by before the attacks began. Never let it be said that the Democrats are at a loss for criticism – well founded or not, usually not.

The first one that caught my eye was the New Yorker piece that said the main criticism of Ryan is that he has “no significant private sector experience.”


Talk about schizophrenic.

All we’ve heard from Democrats and their media sycophants for months has been vicious criticism of Mitt Romney for his private sector experience.

Romney is portrayed as the epitome of evil big business, out to destroy people and their lives and their jobs and greedily cart barrels of cash out of the country to private, secret bank accounts while his family lives a life of inordinate luxury.

Not only that, he’s been accused, without a scintilla of proof, of not having paid income taxes for years and it appears his greatest sin is that he hasn’t yet released a lifetime of tax returns.

Of course, the guy making those accusations is Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, who has not released his own tax returns.

Hey, Harry, whaddya hidin? Couldn’t be how a poor Nevada kid went to Washington and got rich, could it?

So while Romney is beaten on for his business experience, Ryan is jumped on for not having extensive business experience and nothing was said, is said, nor will be said, by the media about the fact that the man who is president has no private sector experience. None.

He’s never run a business nor met a payroll nor had a real job.

Yet supposedly, Barack Obama is qualified to lead our country and keep us on the path of prosperity and success.

We know how that turned out.

Look at the economy. Look at the deficit. Look at the trillions our children will be forced to repay, if that even would be possible, given the road we’re on now.

Look at the unemployment figures, the millions on welfare, the business failures, the foreclosures, the uncertainty as to the viability of the markets and even of our banks.

Look at the fact that in the nearly four years of this presidency, Obama has not submitted a budget – which actually hasn’t kept him from spending us into a maelstrom of debt while at the same time, enabling him and his family to live a life of unparalleled luxury and ease that only a few Americans could even dream to attain.

Ryan, a seven-term congressman from Wisconsin, is chair of the House Budget Committee and he’s been at odds with the administration on budget issues for years. Remember, he was accused by Democrats of proposing a budget that would send Grandma over a cliff in her wheelchair.

His budgets have focused on reducing government spending, cutting the deficit, holding a line on taxes, strengthening the military and modifying Medicare and Medicaid to make them more self-sustaining and less a financial drain on the economy while providing the aid needy people require.

While the House has passed his proposals, the Senate has not, allowing Obama to skate with not having any budgets at all.

Paul Ryan will, as they say, focus like a laser, on the economy and spending issues and, given the state of the economy and the growing unemployment figures, he’ll have the attention of voters – regardless of party affiliation.

That’s what frightens Democrats the most. With Obama’s falling poll numbers on both sides of the aisle, the fear is that this young, innocent-looking Wisconsin Republican will get his message across and will carry the Romney bandwagon to victory in November.

What a lovely idea.

Go to it Paul, and make certain you and Romney are in lockstep all the way to victory.

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