(Lifesite) Conservative activists frequently bemoan the liberal bias of the mainstream media, but a heated encounter between CNN’s Anderson Cooper and Democratic National Committee (DNC) Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz last night, has GOP supporters cheering.

During the exchange Cooper repeatedly presses Schultz about a recent fundraising letter from the DNC that attempted to link Mitt Romney to Todd Akin’s much-decried remarks about abortion and rape. The CNN anchor charges Schultz with misquoting the Los Angeles Times, misstating Romney’s position on abortion, and falsely claiming that the Romney campaign is responsible for drafting the Republican Party’s strongly pro-life platform.

Schultz, flustered by Cooper’s interrogation, appears unable to respond to his factual claims, and instead repeatedly attempts to shift the discussion, stating that “it doesn’t matter” what the wording of the fundraising e-mail was, and that the “bottom line” is Romney’s “extreme” views on abortion.

However, Cooper doesn’t let up.

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