I see no discernible difference between either of them. Mitt’s latest statement of how Congress should not be in control of the monetary system shows he is absolutely oblivious of the Constitution, and anyone that ignorant should not be in charge of running a state, let alone a nation.

I have been observing the platforms of both Romney and Obama, and they are parallel to each other. I will not vote for either one of them. It is a shame more people do not wake up to the facts. Neither party is the right party. Both are heading toward socialism. One is taking the express lane there, and the other party is doing so in small steps. Either way, we end bound to socialism.

But under the Republicans it is almost unnoticeable. They move so slowly, just like having a frog in a pot on a stove. The frog doesn’t know it’s being cooked alive as the heat is turned up very slowly. Every living person in this country is the frog. The nation is the pot, and the GOP is the stove.  It’s time to hop out of the pot, people.

Vote for the government you deserve. Don’t vote for a government you’re told you deserve, because, if you do, then you’re still in the pot.

I cannot speak for anyone other than myself, but I deserve a government that respects and honors the obligation of upholding the Constitution  and the Bill of Rights. So far, we have all been witness to a government that does the exact opposite. It makes me wonder how can such a government be trusted to respect its own population when it disrespects the Constitution and the Bill of Rights so blatantly.

Will Fox

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