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Safe American toys for kids

There are many American companies in many different industries there the entire line of products is American-made, and I enjoy writing about them precisely because of that fact. But what’s particularly comforting (and pleasantly surprising) is when you discover a major U.S. company that fulfills that description and does so in a category like toys – a category in which the majority of the competition is producing overseas.

That’s exactly the case with American Plastic Toys, Inc.

Since 1962, American Plastic Toys has been manufacturing safe, durable, and quality toys in United States, and the company currently operates five facilities in Mississippi and Michigan. Their expansive product line includes over 125 different items ranging all the way from a simple sand pail to an entire play kitchen.

With all the Chinese toy recalls that happened several years back, it’s reassuring to know that every product made by American Plastic Toys is tested for compliance with applicable safety standards by at least one independent U.S. safety-testing lab.

Additionally, all of the plastic that American Plastic Toys, Inc. uses is purchased in the USA, and the colorant molded in all of their toys is approved by the FDA for use in food packaging and is purchased domestically.

Hand in hand with being American-made comes something else that I find great about American Plastic Toys, and that is their outstanding customer service. If you have questions or concerns about any of their products, you can them toll-free anywhere in the United States, and they will be happy to address what’s on your mind.

If you think that finding products made by American Plastic Toys, Inc. is going to be difficult, you couldn’t be more wrong. In fact, it’s quite the opposite. American Plastic Toys are easy to find and easily available in a wide range of popular stores including: Toys R Us, Walgreen’s, Dollar General, Family Dollar Stores, Meijer’s, and K-Mart. If you want the complete list of stores that carry their toys it is available on their website at www.AmericanPlasticToys.com.

American Plastic Toys, Inc. assembles fully 100 percent of the toys in their product line right here in the United States, and a majority of the components they use to assemble their products are either molded in their stateside plants, or acquired from other U.S. companies. They really do it right, and do their part at American Plastic Toys to keep Americans working and American kids happy and healthy!

Less than four percent of the total toy value content is imported from the Far East, and most of this small percentage is comprised of fasteners and sound components. Only one-quarter of the toys in their product line have any imported components at all, and none of them are painted or include phthalates, which is being phased out of many products in the United States, the European Union, and Canada due to health concerns.

Well over 90 percent of all toys sold in America today are made in China, where violations of child labor and human rights laws run rampant, and where children under what we consider a legal working age are routinely forced to work 12 hours a day or more. Since there are very few if any, safety, pollution, or environmental controls in China, these young children, who should be hard at work in school, are instead working hard in what we Americans would consider unhealthy sweatshop environments.

We can easily avoid the trap of buying toys for our kids that made by kids in other countries by buying American-made toys. These are toys we know are made under acceptable and humane conditions right here at home by a great company: American Plastic Toys, Inc.