All this week, Michael Savage’s independent streak was on display, leaving listeners on all sides with something to think and talk about.

Case in point: Savage dared to ask if America “should still care about Israel as much as it once did.”

He pointed out that times have changed since that nation was founded, and today, “Israel’s economy is doing better than ours is. Maybe they should bail us out. Maybe we should get aid from Israel rather than the other way around” (FREE audio).

Savage added, “I’d think there are more Mexicans here in the United States than Jewish people. You could say the United States should be more concerned about Mexico than about Israel.”

Prompted by comments by Supreme Court Justice Scalia, Savage also renewed his call for some restrictions on guns and ammunition following the Aurora movie theater massacre (FREE audio).

“Even in colonial days, there were some limitations,” Savage explained. At the time the Constitution was drafted, there were restrictions. Scalia said, for example, there was a law that barred the people in those days from carrying a really horrible weapon like a battle-ax, to scare people.

“And Scalia’s right. We have to limit certain weapons, which we already do.”

Rush Limbaugh

El Rushbo celebrated 24 years of “broadcast excellence” this week, and paid touching tribute to those who helped him reach this milestone: a favorite teacher, his grandfather and his mother and father (FREE audio).

“What will happen to liberalism if Obama loses?” That was Rush’s provocative question this week, when he speculated that if Obama fails to get re-elected, the Democrats will inevitably blame it on racism – a charge that will further divide an already fractured nation (FREE audio).

Aaron Klein

Is Obama planning an unprecedented amnesty for illegal aliens if he wins again in November? Aaron Klein shares inside information about just such a plan (FREE audio).

As usual, Klein raises issues that no one else on radio is talking about. This week, he explained how the craze for “going green” could actually make federal government buildings less secure. He also aired a one-of-a-kind interview with a British Muslim extremist who is protesting the “evil” Olympics. Plus the latest on Hillary Clinton’s chief of staff, Huma Abedin, and her reputed ties to the Muslim Brotherhood.

Mark Levin

This week, the House GOP voted to eliminate the Senate confirmation process for over 150 presidential appointments. Mark Levin’s source told him that they did this on orders from Mitt Romney. Now Levin fears that congressional Republicans are going back to their old ways during the George W. Bush era – that is, casting their votes to support the president rather than the Constitution (FREE audio).

Laura Ingraham

Veteran Wall Street Journal and Newsweek columnist and former Reagan speechwriter Peggy Noonan joined Laura to analyze Mitt Romney’s presidential campaign. Asked about Newsweek’s attempts to recycle the “wimp” charge against Romney, Noonan reminded listeners that the smear didn’t work when the magazine tried it on George H.W. Bush; after all, he won the election.

The subject of “flash mobs” is being ignored by most of the mainstream press. Ingraham spoke to a Chicago shopkeeper whose store was swarmed by 20 teenagers who stole $3,000 worth of goods. The owner, Luke Cho, contrasted his traditional upbringing with that of the criminals who wrecked his place of business (FREE audio).

Glenn Beck

Last weekend, Glenn Beck was joined by thousands of listeners at his “Restoring Love” rally in Dallas, Texas. His keynote speech called upon Americans to place their trust in their neighbors instead of big government (FREE video).

And now, from the left side of the dial …

The so-called Chick-fil-A boycott turned out to be an epic embarrassment for the left.

As usual, always-excitable progressive talk show host Mike Malloy couldn’t contain his fury at the restaurant chain and its free-speech-loving supporters, who ensured that Chick-fil-A posted record sales on August 1 (FREE audio).

Malloy screamed into the microphone: “When in your lifetime, boys and girls, have you ever shown your appreciation to a company whose president stands for bigotry, hate, contempt, lies, religious nonsense? … Yes, G– d— it, down with the queers! Ain’t no queer ever going to get married in America! Buy a chicken sandwich!”

Malloy repeatedly declared, “This is crazy!”

Some listeners might be forgiven for wondering just who the “crazy” ones really are.

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