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Say Something, Obama!

I have one piece of advice for Barack Obama, the man who is president of the United States.

Shut up!

The man never stops talking and preaching and speechifying about his desired re-election, but he never says a word about what’s going on in Afghanistan.

Have you paid attention?

I admit, it’s hard because the media do all they can to minimize the horror of the ongoing bloodshed of innocent military and the traitorous actions of our supposed allies, and I don’t mean NATO forces.

The latest figures are horrifying.

We’re not talking “war” casualties – which are bad enough when, in this war, IEDs are the weapon of choice of a cowardly enemy – we’re talking about murder of Americans and our allies by people that this country has spent more than $20 billion to train to defend Afghanistan when we leave.

Are you holding your breath?

It’s gotten so bad that it’s reported military spouses are more worried about these killings by “friends” than they are about “normal” combat deaths.

How awful is that?

Why doesn’t the man who is president care?

Why doesn’t he reassure families that we’re doing all we can to prevent such mayhem?

I’ll tell you why: It’s because we aren’t doing all we can.

We’ve been in this war for 11 years, leaving nearly 2,000 Americans dead. So far this year, 219 have been killed, and it’s only August.

We know who’s behind it: the Taliban. They’re militant Muslims. Hard-line Islamists. You might not have known that because Washington ignores it.

Last Thursday, a U.S. military chopper was shot down: seven Americans and four Afghans killed.

The “official” U.S. line is that we don’t know what happened.

The “official” Taliban brag is that they shot it down, and they urge Afghans to join their anti-U.S. vendetta.

Friday, an Afghani “ally” completed his U.S. training and was given a weapon. He took it, turned around and sprayed the room with bullets, killing two.

Not long after, it happened again, leaving two injured.

A week before, two Americans were invited to a dinner and shot dead, point blank.

In just the last two weeks, nine Americans were killed.

It’s a continuation of the pattern of Afghans we train who then turn on us with vengeance.

According to Associated Press, last year, it was one killing a month; this year, one per week.  Now, nine in two weeks.

It’s no accident. It’s deliberate deception, and the Taliban brags about it.

If we don’t do something to stop this, we should get out.


I am not willing to sacrifice America’s brave military on the Obama altar of being nice to Islam.

We’re either at war – to win. Or we’re not.

Either they’re the enemy or they’re not.

Another generation used to say: “Move it. Milk it. Or build a fence around it.”

We’re doing none of that. We’re just sitting there and letting those animals defecate on us. It’s not a pretty picture, but how else do you describe being nice to people who are training to kill you?

I’m so sick of the rhetoric from the Obama camp about why Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan portend the death knell for the United States.

According to Barack Obama, if those two men get in the White House, it’s all over – for young people, for the poor and the middle class and the elderly.

According to the man in the Oval Office, the only winners in that game will be the rich who will get even wealthier on the backs of everyone else.

Does that include Obama? He’s rich and so are Joe Biden and John Kerry and Nancy Pelosi and the Clintons and Harry Reid and Dianne Feinstein and on and on. And that’s just Congress. I have only so many words I can use here.

While the man who is “commander in chief” prattles on about politics and self-serving accusations and braggadocio, he ignores the fact that American military are getting picked off by the enemy in Afghanistan.

I may be wrong, but I can’t think of one time in months that Barack Obama has said one word about the slaughter of Americans and our NATO allies in that wretched country.

One question: Why not?

It would appear he considers them cannon fodder.

It appears that since he cannot bring himself to name the enemy – to even say we have an enemy – to point a finger at those who have no other desire than to kill us and destroy all we in the West stand for – I guess I shouldn’t be surprised that he ignores the ongoing and growing death toll.

A word of regret? A smidgen of anger? A word of support for the military? A word of comfort for the surviving families? A word of determination to put a stop to it?

Anything? No.

It appears the only thing Barack Obama cares about is getting re-elected.

Our military in Afghanistan? Expendable.

Remember, he wants to reduce the military and cut the military budget.

It makes you wonder whose side he and his administration are on.

Not a peep from the White House, the secretary of defense and that department, the secretary of state, the Pentagon and even the media.

Again, I ask, why not?

Since that crew wants another four years, America citizens who are providing the money for this fiasco and the cannon fodder – read that “our children” – to do the job, we have a right to know what the Obama plan is.

That is, if he has one.

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