Dear Pat Buchanan,

For the life of me I totally fail to understand how Akin’s comment about “legitimate” rape could be so hugely misinterpreted. Worse, the dumbest thing he could do was apologize.

To me, “legitimate” rape is rape by overwhelming force, physical or psychological, by one or more rapists. That infers the opposite – illegitimate rape, which, as I interpret the issue, is when a female falsely (illegitimately) accuses a man of “rape.” There are many men in prison due to this.

Perhaps it’s my logical mind, but I do not see a “gaffe” here. I think Akin used terminology that would guarantee misinterpretation. In that situation, he should have used terminology that the blood-thirsty communist media could not chew on, and would not cause such confusion. But that is not a reason for his party to turn on him.

I think that if Akin made the same comment in a court of law, no one would even blink an eye.  But then, I recall what the communist media did to a truly fine American, Sen. Joseph R. McCarthy, while at the same time they defended and praised Alger Hiss. So I am thoroughly convinced nothing is outside the pale when it comes to communists. The Chick-fil-A fiasco is another example.

R.M. Fredericks

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