So, we have a Marine, not a former Marine, but a Marine, who was detained for posting his personal view points on Facebook? To top it all off, the FBI and police arrested him without any charges?

“Brandon J. Raub was handcuffed because he resisted officers’ attempts to take him into custody.”

I could not imagine why, to tell you the truth. He is such a criminal for exercising his right to freedom of speech. What a loser!

Wait, what am I saying? Scratch that! He is a patriot that served his country well and now is being held against his will in a psychiatric hospital because he does not agree with current politics.

I want to know when Virginia became such a swell place for veterans to live. Apparently Virginia has an emergency custody statute that states one can be taken into custody for emergency, temporary psychiatric commitments upon the recommendation of a mental health professional.

I want to know, as well as the rest of America – Land of the Free – what he said that constitutes unlawful detainment in a psychiatric ward. I see nothing in the news that warrants it. He said nothing that states anything about threat of bodily harm to himself or anyone else. Is it that the Virginia administration feels, because he is a voting veteran, that he may be the winning vote for Mitt Romney or some other official who would do that state good? Is he such a threat to society that you openly brand him harmful to society? I want to know why this judge ordered Raub to be confined for another month. I want an answer, and you cannot deny me because you, Mr. Judge, are a public official, and you work for me and everyone else in this beautiful country we call home.

What it seems we are dealing with is someone didn’t agree with this young Marine, and has the position to silence him for whatever reason he or she chooses. Constitutionally speaking, the police and FBI violated the right to due process, right to face one’s accuser and protections against unlawful detention.

Don’t try and recite some stupid Virginia law, written by a wimpy idiot, that says you can be detained for reasons of insanity based on a Facebook post that had nothing to do with harming a soul. The Virginia law is invalid since it violates the First Amendment right of speech and the Eighth Amendment protection from cruel and unusual punishment. Why do I feel this is cruel and unusual punishment? Simply put, this young man is a veteran of foreign war. He has seen and been through things that you probably would not understand, and for a country he loves. Now the country he loves betrays his trust and detains him for having a thought, a right to disagree with the current state of the country he left to serve.

I see a bunch of hypocritical cowards who need an awakening from their simpleton Chablis-drinking lives.

Right now, these authorities have an option. Either they release this veteran, or what they will face from the people of their fair state and country will be a cornerstone of their short careers. The people are mad as heck, and they work for the people.

Virginia and federal agents: Do the right thing, and the punitive legal ramifications will be far less to worry about than if you maintain this false stance. There are many organizations more powerful than you that are gearing up for a legal fight you will not be able to handle.

The American people have had enough of Big Brother government’s interference with their lives.

C. Hudson

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