In response to Patty Hall’s letter, “How I wish men were raped!” – that’s very charitable of you, Ms. Hall. It is a shallow person who thinks that a fellow human being can’t sympathize with another simply because he isn’t the same gender. By your way of thinking, everyone should shut up and not offer an opinion or insight on any given issue, unless he or she has direct experience with that issue.

You sound very angry, and your letter is sad. Moreover, regarding the “economy that Obama inherited” … true, it was a bad economy when he took office, but he and his sycophants (Democrats) have made it worse by pushing and passing his socialist policies that not only stifle capitalism and free enterprise, but are also making people more dependent on government. The most dangerous part of his policies is that they are weakening our republic and systematically destroying our individual liberties.

He had a super-majority in both houses for two years and got everything he wanted passed. He even utilized a seldom-used parliamentary tactic to ram through a government takeover of the best health-care system in the world (just wait until those 15 un-elected bureaucrats dictate what you can and can’t have regarding your health care). He hasn’t signed a budget in three years, which is required by the Constitution, and a myriad of bills are stagnating in the Democrat-controlled Senate.

He picks and chooses the laws he will execute and follow. He has his Justice Department sue sovereign states and order border agents to disregard their lawful oath under the Constitution. He brags constantly about his “prowess” as commander in chief of the greatest military in the world, when he should give the sole glory for military campaigns to those who sacrifice all for this great republic (even though our troops rarely take credit for their heroism).

He has systematically divided our citizens: pitting rich against poor; men against women; black against white; etc. He has added more new debt during his term than all other presidents combined, ultimately enslaving generations of taxpayers (even those not born yet).

His Labor Department artificially suppresses the unemployment numbers by “no longer counting” those folks who have stopped looking for work. I’d venture to say that the real unemployment numbers are closer to 20 percent than the claimed 8.5 percent. Shall I continue?

Be careful what you ask for; the road goes both ways. The same parliamentary tactic he used to pass Obama-scare can also be used to “REPEAL” it. I pray the GOP achieves a trifecta this November.

Regarding your comments about voter-ID laws – we have to show a picture ID nearly everywhere we go, but not to vote? How ridiculous!

Lastly, I am an independent and conservative woman who believes that the Democratic Party is the party waging a real “war on women” – by compartmentalizing women into a voting bloc concerned only with free birth-control pills … really?

ShelB Pollard

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