Left-wing extremist groups are always quick to blame the right for acts of violence perpetrated by random nut jobs.

In light of the shooting attack on the Family Research Council today, maybe it’s time for organizations like the Southern Poverty Law Center and Planned Parenthood to get a dose of their own poison.

Both of these organizations literally did their best to put a target on the back of FRC and other pro-family groups by labeling it as a “hate group” (SPLC) and “terrorist or extremist organization” (Planned Parenthood).

Do they bear any responsibility for the climate of fear-mongering they helped create? Were they in any way responsible for encouraging this act of violence against a group that stands up for the institution of marriage and against the wanton taking of unborn life? Has either one of these groups expressed any remorse over the hysteria they purposely generated toward Family Research Council?

In light of the attack on FRC, every other organization and individual targeted with such vitriolic hate speech by Planned Parenthood and SPLC now understands they, too, are in the crosshairs.

While the details of the shooting are sketchy at this point, this is what we do know: The attacker – a 28-year-old Virginia man, Floyd Corkins II, who reportedly volunteered for an LGBT center – walked in the front door of FRC’s building in Washington and “started yelling about things FRC supported and opened fire.” FRC’s security guard was injured in the attack.

The organization, founded in 1983, works to forward faith, family and freedom issues in public policy. It informs lawmakers and staff on Capitol Hill, reviews legislation and provides expert testimony in Congress. The group has been active in exposing pro-abortion and other agendas of the Obama administration.

Planned Parenthood, which is funded by U.S. taxpayers, listed FRC among a number of conservative, pro-family, anti-abortion groups as “terrorist or extremist organizations.” Thankfully, that reference has since been scrubbed by Planned Parenthood.

Not so in the case of the infamous Southern Poverty Law Center, which, in 2010, identified FRC as one of many “hate groups.”

In this case, it appears the attacker was in agreement with the positions of Planned Parenthood and SPLC. One can only wonder whether this was the kind of reaction these groups were trying to ignite or whether they were more interested in how much money they could raise by demonizing a respected organization carrying out its First Amendment rights.

I can tell you this.

Other groups and individuals on those lists – including me and my news organization – are taking this matter very seriously and beefing up security precautions in anticipation of more violence provoked by slanderous and vicious assaults of this kind.

Yes, I made the same lists. So did WND as an organization.

Now we are watching our backs, knowing that Planned Parenthood and SPLC have placed targets on them for every maniac who reads their reports and takes them seriously.

There can be consequences to this kind of hate speech – as we saw today.

Will there be any apologies forthcoming from either group? I doubt it. Will there be any regrets expressed? I doubt it. Will there be any efforts at reparations or restoration? I can almost promise you that will not be the case.

For hate-mongering, fear-mongering groups like Planned Parenthood and SPLC, the chickens are coming home to roost.

I know neither one of these groups believes in prayer, but, if I were among their severely disturbed and deranged leadership, I would be praying the shooter is not a card-carrying member.

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