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Why Obama's going down in November

The rhetoric of the left continues to grow increasingly caustic, and exchanges on social-media venues and the blogosphere occasionally reach murderous tones. Although some high-profile commentators on the left are beginning to exhibit episodes of definite unhingedness, other liberal journalists have been going against the grain, calling their brothers and sisters-in-arms on their outrageous calumnies and misrepresentations against GOP nominee Mitt Romney.

Perhaps some of them take their journalistic credentials more seriously that I thought.

I indicated earlier that I am decidedly skeptical when it comes to polls that show President Obama in this supposed dead heat with Romney. I predicted that biased polling and duplicitous respondent data would substantially affect poll results, and that the press was going to report Obama as ahead up until Election Day, even if Romney winds up winning by a landslide. Some of these factors have been challenging to members of the conservative base and newly galvanized independents, who understand how vitally important it is that Obama is defeated in November. Considering the decades of plotting and subterfuge in which the far-left machine has engaged, they tend to perceive it as a juggernaut that could run roughshod over the electorate, ensuring another term for this dangerous and criminal administration.

Despite this, I find myself more hopeful than ever with regard to Obama’s defeat, and the “juggernaut” as more of a foundering pirate ship. Yes, it was well-constructed, but it’s taking on water now, the captain is insane, and half the crew is blind drunk, leaving a few officers and frustrated sailors wondering what to do as they scurry about, firing wild cannon volleys in the general direction of the enemy.

One of the reasons for my sense of hopefulness is the success of conservative scholar Dinesh D’Souza’s film, “2016: Obama’s America.” This is not because I believe it’s going to sweep the nation like a blockbuster action flick – but because I believe it was so masterfully executed that any fence-sitting or uninformed voters who view it will know without equivocation that Obama has got to go. D’Souza presents his case for Obama’s aversion to the entire Western paradigm with far more cogency and tact than I would have, making his a message that will be – I believe – far more convincing to the coveted independents and swing voters who are conscientious, but less mired in political minutiae than some of us.

The film has become a factor; that it ranked eighth last week among nationally released features should not be underestimated. As much as they would like, the liberal press has not been able to simply ignore it; a column on the leftist website Media Matters this week entitled “Fear and Loathing in ‘2016: Obama’s America'” reads like a bad LSD trip in its disjointedness.

The mobilization of certain military organizations (no pun intended) could also become a significant factor in Obama’s defeat. The widespread derision of 2004 Democratic nominee Sen. John Kerry among former military personnel following the release of “Unfit for Command: Swift Boat Veterans Speak Out Against John Kerry” (by John O’Neill and WND’s Jerome Corsi) was an integral component in the failure of Kerry’s presidential bid. Recently, OPSEC, a group of former military and intelligence operatives, released a political ad blaming President Obama for a series of national security leaks; the president has also been roundly criticized by former military personnel for taking undue credit for the operation that dispatched terrorist mastermind Osama bin Laden and for his habit of bowing to foreign leaders. Another book by a former Navy SEAL, due to be released next week, further challenges the administration’s account of the raid that killed bin Laden.

Then, there are the general demeanor and comportment of President Obama and his Cabinet during this campaign thus far. The administration announced earlier this month that Cass Sunstein, Obama’s regulatory czar, will be leaving the White House to return to academia. Such departures usually represent untoward developments within administrations, and even more so during a re-election campaign.

And where is Michelle Obama? We can presume that the couple’s two daughters are occupied with their schooling, but the first lady has been conspicuously absent during her husband’s recent campaigning. While few irregularities concerning the inner workings of this White House have ever been reported by the establishment press, it is common knowledge among members of the conservative press that the atmosphere has been turbulent at times, and that Obama can be difficult to work with on a personal level.

On the road, Obama has waxed testy, and even shrill. His campaign speaking venues – like his expensive fundraising stops – have been packed with the faithful, but they’re also smaller than during the 2008 campaign; organizers and Secret Service have been unable to prevent the insinuation of some embarrassing hecklers. Obama’s tone is diametrically opposed to that of the previous campaign, wherein he was the inspiring, messianic figure. Now, he’s a paternalistic, admonishing autocrat, focused solely on the evil of the retrograde Republican machine conspiring to supplant him and the imperative of its defeat.

This might play well to the carefully chosen audiences of aforementioned faithful, but it lacks the vision Obama cultivated in 2008 (though that was clearly pie-in-the-sky). Short of widespread and effective voter fraud, his chances of even making an impressive showing in November appear to be dwindling daily.