What if we wake up on Nov. 7 and find that serial liar Barack Obama is re-elected, obstructionist Harry Reid remains U.S. Senate majority leader and Republicans retain control of the House? That outcome or lack of change would define an ideological chasm between Americans that cannot be bridged. Election of 1860 redux?

“(Rush) Limbaugh said the U.S. is headed for an economic collapse if something doesn’t change,” reports WND’s Joe Kovacs. [“Gloves off! Obama scorched as ‘serial liar'”]

If there’s no substantive makeover in Washington, my crystal ball sees the stock market, which anticipates a refreshing change of leadership, beginning a decline of several thousand points as the middle class pull their money out in reaction to Obamacare, Obamacrats and huge tax increases in 2013 – not to mention the increased likelihood of more trillions in new federal debt and systemic economic collapse, the endgame of Team Obama’s Marxist mentors. Bond-rating agencies also read the writing on the wall and could incrementally downgrade U.S. sovereign debt to “speculative,” especially so, as the dicey U.S. dollar is gradually phased out as the world’s reserve currency. In that frame of reference, gold could climb to $6,000 an ounce; silver, $300 an ounce. Several state legislatures might consider articles of secession while other states mull the idea. U.S. military service personnel, sworn to uphold the Constitution, might find themselves perplexing between a rock and a hard place as the country’s innards go wobbly during an uninhibited Obama administration that regards the Constitution as parchment rubbish. So says the crystal ball here.

Between freedom and slavery, there’s no middle ground. How can there be? Nearly half the country may now believe in or passively acquiesce to big-government destruction of the private sector and, even more worrisome, big-government tyranny (until they encounter the bloody brutality of a federalized police state organizing under Obama). The other half of the country believe in themselves and treasure individual and economic freedom firewalled from fascist state control.

With Bush and, more brazenly, with Obama – big government gnashes its teeth at American citizens and their natural rights. If elections, rigged or not, perpetuate the intolerable status quo in Washington, then please tell me how my predictions are wrong.

J. Lee

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