What’s next for the TSA? An agent at every wedding and bar mitzvah? [“TSA wants to test drinks at gate”]

The Obama-Napolitano TSA now vies with the IRS, soon to balloon exponentially via Obamacare, as America’s most despised federal agency. (Hint to Romney-Ryan: Many votes await candidates who vow to abolish both agencies.) Must we eventually suffer tens or even hundreds of thousands of TSA goons, wearing blue gloves and inquisitorial leers, swarming across America like locusts and accosting people, without constitutional authority or warrant, in public and private venues?

In the War of Independence (1776-1781), the American colonists fought their colonial masters, the British. Tyranny was defeated, but never mortally wounded. Now, tyranny is roaring back, a monster of reach and power unimaginable in 1776. The TSA and IRS are but two cogs in the machinery of despotism. What’s going on here?

For many decades, it’s been the fond dream of autocratic globalists to crush the U.S.A. as an independent constitutional republic. To that end, they first undermine the constitutional foundations of the republic, the easier to subdue and control the people. An endless “war on terrorism” is useful as a pretext and a means, akin to a criminal protection racket that ends up taking over the “protected” businesses. The real objective not being the defeat of amorphous “terrorism,” but the accrual of virtually unlimited power in a centralized authority.

Following 9/11, the treacherous George W. Bush administration built the legal framework from which to lob sustained broadside attacks on the Constitution and We the People. The equally treacherous Obama administration were then quick to pick up the pace and volume of these attacks to levels that would have pleased the S.S. and Gestapo of the Third Reich.

Building up the TSA and IRS into armies of fear and intimidation and the abolition of privacy are important elements of Obama’s wide war on the republic and America’s citizens. In Obama’s actions, policies and fiats, we see his rejection of constitutional limitations of federal power and a repudiation of the Bill of Rights and Posse Comitatus.

The Bush and Obama administrations used yet another tool to critically weaken the republic, i.e., indenturing the citizens and their progeny to national debt that vastly exceeds their capacity to repay. Again, Obama the protege, having spent an astounding $5.4 trillion in new debt and breaking $16 trillion in total debt (not including about $100 trillion in unfunded liabilities), excels his teacher.

Will tyranny triumph in the face of the massive fiscal and constitutional damage exacted upon our republic under Bush and now Obama? Without the consent of the governed, even tyranny at length crumbles. If enough good people stand united and work hard to flush the career political statists out of Congress and send them packing, much of the constitutional damage can be rolled back. The fiscal side will improve markedly when freedom is restored and confidence replaces fear. Romney? Mitt Romney is a decent man, a moral man, a thoughtful man and a patriotic American – unlike his incumbent opponent.

M. Schwartz

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