America fought to win freedom from Great Britain and to preserve it in the U.S. Constitution, but now America is in danger of failing to sustain it as the nation drifts further away from what made it great.

That’s the thesis of the new book, “A Free People’s Suicide: Sustainable Freedom and the American Future,” by renowned spiritual and cultural author Os Guinness.

Guinness told WND’s Greg Corombos that America’s greatness is underpinned by the three-legged stool of virtue, faith and freedom. He said all of those are eroding on this generation’s watch.

Guinness further asserted that the U.S. may only have five more years before the cultural decline is irreversible.

He argued great leadership that clearly articulates what made America unique in world history must emerge and inspire our nation back to those principles.  Sadly, Guinness does not see anyone poised to take on that role anytime soon.

He further asserted that an instinctive cultural backlash against any notion of virtue or faith makes the challenge even more difficult. Nonetheless, Guinness is optimistic that America can reverse course and restore its greatness.

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