I wanted to point out that you have a video in your WND TV section titles “U.S. founded on Christian foundation?” which propagates misinformation about the U.S. Constitution and the Founding Fathers.

The First Amendment ensures people’s right to practice the religion of their choosing, be it Christianity, Islam or Judaism. However, it also prevents the federal government from establishing a state religion (meaning the government is barred from saying the United States is a Christian nation) as well as writing laws preventing or banning worship of any religion unless said religion violates other laws (human sacrifice, etc.). Many Founding Fathers were Deist (though not the same form of Deism today) and had a negative outlook on Christianity and most organized religion in general.

The video brings up the Declaration of Independence, but even in that document the founders were invoking the “natural god” as they surmised, not the Christian god. Also, while the Declaration has obvious important historical meaning to our people, it is not what we base our laws on and has no impact on the argument on whether America is a Christian nation.

I enjoy reading WND because you give us stories we literally cannot find anywhere else. However, videos like these that ignore historical facts should not be on a “fair and balanced” news site. And if it is, there should be an article on it pointing out the historical inaccuracies.

Kyle Guy

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