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Adulterers John Edwards and Bill Clinton

U.S. News & World Report reported the following about former U.S. Sen. and vice-presidential nominee John Edwards:

“Disgraced N.C. ex-senator now political non-entity”

“The former North Carolina senator and vice-presidential nominee is not invited (to speak at the DNC), and almost no one here thinks he should be.

“Edwards’ career crashed two years ago after he admitted an affair with a campaign videographer, Rielle Hunter – while his wife, Elizabeth, was fighting terminal cancer. Shame turned to national disgrace when it was learned that Edwards fathered a child with Hunter and tried to cover it up by getting an aide to claim the baby was his. His trial, on charges of improperly using campaign contributions, ended in a mistrial on May 31.”

Steven Green, a North Carolina state professor, said:

“I have a lot of friends who are liberal Democrats. None of them has a good word to say about him (Edwards). The word you hear most is ‘sleaze.'”

Were there any shoutings of “sleaze” on Wednesday night when the Democratic National Convention was addressed for nearly one hour by former President Bill Clinton?

If Edwards is “sleaze” because of adultery committed recently, what about the massive number of Bill Clinton adulteries – including Monica Lewinsky administering oral sex to Slick Willie in the Oval Office?

And what about Clinton’s national lying in claiming: “I did not have sex with that woman!”?

And what about Bill Clinton’s membership in the Bar Association being revoked, as well as his false claim of innocence under oath?

One need not be any admirer of Edwards to wonder why he was not even invited to the same Democratic convention that so honored multiple adulterer and perjurer Bill Clinton.