When someone expresses remorse and apologizes for his behavior, we’re inclined to be moved and mitigate our response. In the courts, judges and juries would tend to lessen the sentence if the perpetrator says he’s sorry for his actions. However, when President Obama and Hillary Clinton apologize to Muslims for a video made by a private citizen, two things happen: One, Americans get angry at our government for apologizing for freedom of speech, a cherished right. Two, the Muslims take the apology as an admittance that we’re guilty as hell. In the Middle East, one only apologizes when they’re truly guilty.

Why doesn’t our president or secretary of state know this? Why doesn’t someone in the State Department know this? Why do we have “leaders” who are so ignorant or stupid as to ignore all cultural norms of the people they’re dealing with? It would have been far better for our so-called leaders to tell the Muslim world to f— off! The people in the USA would be proud for someone standing up for constitutional rights, and the Muslims would have at least a modicum of respect for a strong response.

I guess we do get the government we deserve. We’ve hired idiots to lead us, and they’re running true to form!

Joachim Bromet

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