A new era in Christian filmmaking

“Red September” is being produced by Advent Film Group, makers of the father-and-son film “Hero”, the groundbreaking movie made in conjunction with Patrick Henry College “Come What May” and the WND film “The Isaiah 9:10 Judgment.”

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Escobar, who is also co-founder of Advent, told WND “Red September” is more than just a political thriller; it’s a launching pad for Advent Filmmakers to continue its revolutionary initiative to train and disciple a new generation of Christian filmmakers.

“Given the recent success of both “2016″ and “Isaiah 9:10 Judgment,” audiences are clearly hungry for films that speak truth,” Escobar told WND. “We need trained filmmakers to make more of them.”

To that end, Advent Filmmakers is working to provide a holistic approach to training film professionals that includes both scholarship and discipleship. While partnering with the Advent Film Group in the production of new films like “The Screenwriters,” Advent Filmmakers also offers internships in moviemaking, regional filmmaking workshops, an extensive filmmaking guide, upcoming online curriculum and coming later this month, through a partnership with WND, a live Christian filmmaking webinar for students, parents, ministry leaders – almost anyone interested in creating a competitive alternative to Hollywood.

“Movies are the most powerful instruments for capturing hearts and minds ever invented. Whoever wields it controls every facet of society,” Escobar explained. “It’s cultural warfare, and Christians must rise from our slumber. The Sept. 22 webinar is a wake up call. Advent is rallying students and adults everywhere to learn how to make powerful films, as well as become better informed consumers of culture.”

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Advent Filmmakers explains its vision is to see “a new generation of Christian filmmakers who are both excellent in their craft and who hold tightly to the values of their Lord, a generation who can redeem the power of the medium and use it effectively to uphold that which is right, true, and beautiful – and then pass this vision on to the generation after them.”

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