So, WND columnist Nat Hentoff thinks waterboarding of terrorist suspects in not consistent with American ideals and treaties [“Rule of law an endangered concept”]. In other words, we should not use such barbaric methods on those who gleefully blow up buses of pre-schoolers.

On this anniversary of the horrors of 9/11, perhaps Hentoff should ask those whose lives were shattered about waterboarding. Thusly: “Would waterboarding be OK if it yielded information that would have prevented the loss of those loved ones central to your life?” How many would say, “Oh, we couldn’t do that. That would not be in keeping with American values.”

The terrorists who hate everything about America are ruthless, barbaric cutthroats who stop at nothing. And a ruthless, barbaric manner is exactly how they should be treated. If waterboarding or something similar would save even one innocent American life, I say hurrah for waterboarding. Of course, that’s just me. I apparently lack Hentoff’s “sensitivities.”

Laurence L.

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