It is quite clear to me that most Americans are attempting to escape the unpleasantness of reality by ignoring the obvious problem at hand. That problem is the steadily growing lack of fiscal and moral responsibility that is exemplified by our current president and those who are on his side.

Many people I know are avoiding the obvious by arguing that the current president and his administration have done a partially good job and will complete what has been started in his next administration. That argument also includes snide swipes at Mitt Romney, saying he is an uncaring, rich guy. Some Americans accept this point of view without question. Most refuse to look at the real problem. That kind of escapist thinking could bring our republic down.

To understand what has happened, people need to recognize that in the first two years of Obama’s presidency, he and Congress tried to copy FDR’s New Deal, which was supposed to fix the Great Depression. Obama and his cohorts did a very poor job of it with their greedy stimulus package and lack of transparency. Obama took the same course as the New Deal of the 1930s that lasted for about 12 years. The reasons it lasted so long are clearly described in two books: one called “The Forgotten Man” and another called “FDR’s Folly.” History has been kind to Roosevelt in the ’30s and only now, many years later, has it become known that the Great Depression was extended for many years because of FDR’s policies of bigger government and political favoritism. There was even another depression of almost the same intensity in the late ’30s that was not covered by the media.

The Obama administration has pursued those same New Deal policies, and the result has been a recession that has lasted four years so far. Most recessions/depressions end much earlier than that. Only FDR’s New Deal lasted longer, and it resulted in war. If Obama is re-elected, he will pursue those same failed policies. The result clearly will be an extended recession/depression with the real possibility of another crash. Obama and his cohorts have not learned from history. Be careful what you wish for, because you might get it.

Floyd Sours

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