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Big gifts from small company

From time to time, when gift-giving time comes around, it may be hard enough finding something that is unique and that will really make special impression on the gift recipient, and when you add to that the desire to have it be made in America as well, it seems almost impossible.

Back in 2004, I found out about an American-owned company that makes stuffed animals in America and covers all the concerns listed above, and will definitely make a big (and I do mean big) impression on anyone on your gift list, regardless of the occasion or time of year.

Kathy Dryer founded Kathy’s Kreations in Phoenix, Ariz., in 1983, the website www.kathyskreations.com came online in 1997, and customers from coast to coast have been delighted ever since.

As with just about any business, Kathy’s clients reveal the quality of the artistic creativity within. With clients such as the Smithsonian Institute, Universal Studios, the Department of the Interior, and National Buffalo Museum, you can rest assured that you are going to get top-notch quality design and detail where the true soul of the animal will shine through.

At www.kathyskreations.com, you’ll discover ducks, foxes, dalmatians, cheetahs, cougars, polar bears, panda bears, buffalo, elk, Clydesdales, giraffes, sharks, rattlesnakes, squirrels, and even a brontosaurus. Are you getting the idea that there is a lot of variety to be browsed on this website? And we aren’t just talking about realistic soft sculptures of lifelike animals here, either. Kathy’s Kreations also has uniquely handcrafted trophy mounts, pillows, golf club covers, even bearskin rugs, and Kathy is committed to continuing to expand that already diverse inventory to offer customers more items that they can’t find anywhere else.

Kathy personally makes each of the 200 animal designs in her collection. Her ultra-realistic, lifelike creations have been used in plays on Broadway, Kathy currently works with advertising agencies, as well as television and movie studios when they need animals for stunt doubles and stand-ins. That’s because they realize that no one else has the talent to both capture and visualize the animal’s soul in the design.

Kathy got her start as an artist working with jewelry, ceramics, and paintings, but she switched to making stuffed animals soon after her son was born. Creating unique stuffed animals led to craft shows, which then led to retail stores placing orders. From there, Kathy built her customer base with word-of-mouth advertising (the only kind of advertising she does), fabricating creations that are perfect for showing your loved ones how much you love them on birthdays, holidays, and more.

You’ll pay a little more for high standards that bring high quality found nowhere else, but you’ll also get strict attention to detail that only Kathy’s designing and handcrafting offers. You will not get this type of quality from any overseas producer, regardless of the company. Kathy even hand-dyes and shapes the eyes of the animals, which is consistent with her goal of ultimate realism in everything she makes.

Kathy’s Kreations displays large photographs of each item on www.kathyskreations.com along with, in many cases, multiple views to better acquaint the consumer with the size, shape, and detail of any item you might consider. It is Kathy’s sincere intent to deliver an item to the consumer that is as close as possible to what is shown in the online photo. However, as with any individually, non-mass marketed item, no two creations are exactly alike.

If you are looking for an answer to that age-old (and irksome) question of “What do you get the man or woman who has everything…and cares passionately that products be American-made?” You don’t have to look any further than Kathy’s Kreations.