A radio talk-show legend, in defiance of those fretting over “health issues” as well as the “pleasure police,” has unveiled a new high quality cigar that has received rave reviews from the celebrities who have tried it.

Rusty Humphries, a talk-show host with over 25 years of experience in the radio and music industry, has introduced El Presidente, a mild to medium blend all-Nicaraguan smoke that is intended to be the type of cigar you would give to a president.

“The idea was that it was something regal,” Humphries explained. “Something you would give to a president. Something that would make you feel special.”

El Presidente is a 7-inch cigar with a 56-ring gauge. The initial run consists of only 300 boxes and honors George Washington. Subsequent runs will honor other presidents and their size will be determined by the popularity of the current run.

Humphries has been a big cigar fan for more than 15 years and decided it was time to make his own brand.

“I always thought, wouldn’t it be cool to have my own cigar. So I decided that instead of just getting some lousy cigar and slapping my name on it so I can make some money, I spent a year and a half working with different cigar manufacturers and different rollers to blend this cigar. I really think it is one of the best cigars ever.”

Humphries said it is “the cigar that celebrities smoke” and last week during the Republican National Convention the cigars were a big hit with those present, including Sen. Marco Rubio. Entertainers Ted Nugent, Larry Gatlin, Stephen Baldwin and Jon Voigt have also smoked the cigars.

However, Humphries said the honor of smoking the first El Presidente cigars belonged to WND founder Joseph Farah and Senior Staff Writer, Dr. Jerome Corsi.

“I wanted to make sure Farah and Corsi got the first ones because they are huge cigar fans and have been so supportive of it,” Humphries said. “They were given the first finished samples before the label was even placed on it.”

“Rusty knows his stuff. He knows politics. He knows how to be one of the most entertaining talk hosts in the business. And he knows cigars. It was great!” Farah said. “And I expect him to send me a box after he reads these quotes.”

“Rusty’s cigars are not only patriotic, they’re a good smoke. I ordered a box and I’m looking forward to receiving them,” Corsi said. “Rusty has taken the time and effort to put his name on a premium cigar. I recommend the cigar to any and all cigar smokers – novices as well as aficionados.”

Humphries explained that unlike cigarettes, cigars are an all-natural product.

“A cigar is an all-natural and it takes a couple of years to make a good cigar. You plant the seed and it grows. Then you take the leaf and dry it out and there are ways to make it stronger or more mild. They don’t put pesticides or chemicals in it like cigarettes do.”

He went on to explain that cigars are intended to be smoked slowly and there is a culture surrounding those who go to cigar lounges.

“A cigar lounge is very much like Cheers, you walk in and you instantly have friends. It’s a manly thing with guys sitting around and they are often discussing politics or sports,” Humphries said. “That’s what talk radio is so I thought what a great way to bring talk radio from just the mind and move it into the realm of the physical.”

“There’s just something about the experience of sitting down, engaging in the ritual or cutting and lighting a cigar while you sit around with your friends and discuss how you change the world together.”

He also noted that the entire act of smoking a cigar is an experience.

“When you smoke cigars, the size of it means something along with the way you cut it, the way you light it and the blend of a cigar where parts of the tobacco plant are from different countries all of this comes together in this one little stick that brings relaxation and pleasure,” he said. “At the same time the government is trying to outlaw them and make it difficult for cigars to be sold in our country.”

On the day president Obama accepted his party’s nomination for president, Humphries began a party of his own to protest the liberal nanny state.

“We call it the ‘Right to Party Party’ and we’re going to celebrate by having everything the Democrats are trying to get rid of,” he said. “We’re going to have cigars, junk food, large sodas and barbeques. We’re just going crazy and will have everything that Michelle Obama hates, but as an American we have the right to defend ourselves from the pleasure police.”

Humphries plans to conducts additional events around the countries.

“Ronald Reagan once said all of the world’s problems could be solved over the dinner table,” Humphries said. “I would also add, or in the cigar lounge.”

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