Even if I were an atheist, I would feel very uncomfortable about attending a mass event where fists were raised as many voices loudly proclaimed “NO!” to G-d and then booed the mention of His name, as happened three times at the Democratic Party convention. (Isn’t there something written somewhere about the hex of a threefold denial?) After all, even the most virulent atheist can never be fully certain his opinion is the truth. And, on the chance that there is a Divine Creator whose mystery is entangled in human affairs, why would even an atheist risk His wrath?

For millennia, the ancients understood that hubris (boastful arrogance that directly challenges the gods) was the surest path to a calamitous and tragic downfall. If their convention is any indication, many Democrats appear to be ignoring that ancient wisdom and proceeding on perilously thin ice.

Bob Johnson

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