Dear Jack Minor,

I regularly use WND as my primary source for comparing news sources to find more than a fair and balanced view on world events today. I highly respect WND over and above every news source in the entire world.

With that said, I bring this single issue to your attention in hope to get you to change your mind on cigar promotion and to pull your article from WND promoting cigar smoking once and for all [“Celebs rave over new cigar”].

Both of my parents died of cancer, and my daughter is currently undergoing treatment for leukemia (a blood cancer). If we are to defeat all evil in the world in politics, false religions, racism, disease, etc. and use the platform of WND and other platforms to do so, then we need to purge all such articles from publication that go against defeating those evils. Your article on promotion of cigars needs to be removed because you are promoting the advancement of cancer inadvertently.

Please consider changing your viewpoint of cigar promotion even if you are benefitting from it financially for the sake of people like me and my 7-year-old daughter who are fighting cancer every day. We need to promote life and life-advancing causes. Thank you for promoting WND and ALL of the causes that they promote. Here is proof that cigars cause cancer.

Thank you, Jack!

Aron Noll

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