I agree with you, Mr. Farah. The U.S. should get out of the Middle East. Ron Paul agrees, too. He has said all along the Middle East is a hornet’s nest best avoided. Instead, Bush-Obama chose to militarily invade and occupy the hornet’s nest with predictably disastrous results. U.S. policy would be theater of the absurd if it weren’t so bloody. In that drama, flat-headed multiculturalists – those endlessly dangerous and meddlesome Pollyannas – call the shots.

“East is East and West is West and never the twain shall meet,” wrote Rudyard Kipling. The immiscibility of the Islamic Middle East with the Judaeo-Christian West is proof again that oil and water do not mix.

Incidentally, in 1950, the U.S. was energy self-sufficient and a major net exporter of crude oil. Today, the U.S. imports about 70 percent of its total crude. Most of that 70 percent is consumed by America’s 265 million registered motor vehicles. If anything, America is not addicted to oil, it’s addicted to cars. Warfare, then, is the carfare. All this war and carnage over oil so we Americans can enjoy “Happy Motoring” in gas guzzlers. Like I said, it’s bloody theater of the absurd.

Ian Webster

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