No matter how much gloss conservative talk-show hosts like Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity try to spin in favor of the Grand Old Party, the hard reality is that presidential candidate Mitt Romney and his minions of timid, disorganized and confused Republicans took a bath this week at the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte, N.C. That’s because the largely uneducated and ill-informed American electorate was treated to extensive brainwashing by black Muslims, leftists, feminists, radical gays and lesbians, atheists, anti-Semites, anti-Christians and others who wrapped themselves in sheep’s clothing. And, when it all was over last night, there was blood on the floor, this time ironically not from the over 80 people who mysteriously “died” during the Clinton administration – including former White House Deputy Counsel Vince Foster, who many, including myself, believe to have been Hillary Clinton’s at one time extra-marital lover – but now figuratively from Mitt Romney, the Republican presidential candidate.

And who better to spill this blood than Hillary’s “faithful” husband, former President Bill Clinton.

During his administration, President Clinton became enmeshed in over 38 scandals, not the least of which involved Monica Lewinsky. He not only disgraced the office of the president, but even more egregiously committed acts of treason by accepting bribes, in the form of contributions for his campaign, legal defenses in the various scandals and his presidential library from the communist Chinese. In exchange, Clinton allowed for the transfer of missile and satellite technology to the Chinese – technology that has allowed for greater accuracy for their nuclear missiles, now aimed at the United States.

But this was only one of Slick Willy’s major transgressions. Scandals – from Whitewater, Filegate, Travelgate, IRSgate, Pardongate to simply stealing the White House furniture as the Clintons left the people’s house in 2000 for “greener pastures” – were the order of the day. Based on the number of crimes Bill and Hill, the Bonnie and Clyde of American politics, committed while at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, they hold the “indoor record” for felonious behavior among our ever-increasing number of modern-day compromised leaders.

In the late 1990s, Republicans in Congress sought to impeach Clinton, but only for the Lewinsky scandal, which paled in comparison to the president’s treason. The goal of the Republicans was only to wound Clinton in time for the 2000 presidential elections, so they did not want to convict him in the Senate. By simply wounding Clinton and thus the Democrats – and failing to remove Clinton from office – Vice President Al Gore could not run for president as an incumbent. Indeed, Gore lost the 2000 presidential election, largely due to the work I did at Judicial Watch, Ken Starr did as the independent counsel and the stench our crime-fighting efforts created.

While I never went after Clinton to influence the election, rulings such as the one Judge Royce Lamberth handed down in my Filegate case – that the president had committed a crime in illegally releasing the Privacy Act file of a woman, Kathleen Willey, he sexually harassed in the Oval Office – were instrumental in the public’s consciousness, much like President Nixon’s Watergate scandal gave rise to the election defeat of President Ford (Nixon’s successor when he was forced to resign) by Jimmy Carter in 1976. While always counseled by his advisers never to mention my name in public – which would give oxygen to my crime-fighting efforts – Bill Clinton, having become so infuriated by my efforts to hold him legally accountable, on Sept. 29, 1999, at the height of the impeachment proceedings, attacked me personally during a presidential press conference when asked by the White House press corps about my case to block the attempted illegal purchase of a house for him and Hillary in Chappaqua, N.Y. See for the video of this press conference.

But when George W. Bush was predictably elected president in 2000, rather than ordering his Justice Department to work with me at Judicial Watch to put the Clintons away where the sun don’t shine – in prison – Bush, true to his establishment blue-blood roots, instead invited the Clintons to the White House for tea, praised them, and told Attorney General John Ashcroft to drop all legal matters concerning them. The establishment, Democrat and Republican alike, when push comes to shove, will always circle the wagons in high-level criminal and civil cases to protect itself. Only lower-level officials, if anyone, are burned at the stake and held legally to account.

Now, having been let off the hook by W. and congressional Republicans, 14 years later Bill Clinton has risen from the politically and legally dead and come back with a vengeance, fully “rehabilitated,” to deliver crushing blows to presidential candidate Mitt Romney at the DNC convention. While his recitation of President Obama’s “accomplishments” was largely false, his presentation was powerful and will likely help serve, with the aid of the mainstream media and campaign commercials, to defeat Romney in this fall’s presidential election. And, if media interviews with Romney in the wake of the DNC convention are any indication, the wind has been nearly totally taken out of his sails. He sounded like a beaten man, which, given his tepid, lackluster, detached and stiff demeanor, does not take much to achieve.

The cowardice and establishment games of the Republicans in failing to hold Bill Clinton to the rule of law are just some of the reasons why the nation has lost respect for them and why they lose elections. And now, with a president in the White House, Barack Hussein Obama, not only as corrupt as Clinton but even worse – who ideologically is a socialist black “Muslim” – and with an opposition Republican Party that lacks conviction, plays games and can’t shoot straight, it is no wonder the country is on the verge of revolution.

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