These past three and a half years have seen the price of gasoline more than double, the Middle East in flames, Israel, our only real friend in that area, thrown under the bus, our debt has risen by $6 TRILLION, and the average middle-class family has lost $4,000 in income – not to mention Obamacare.

I would look at that record and see a disaster. Somehow half the country looks at these facts and sees progress. I wonder if the half that sees this as a good thing are pulling the wagon or are riding in it. I have to believe that a rational, thinking person would look at that record and worry that if we have four more years of the same, the country will implode. If Obama were running a business (one that he did not build), he would have been fired by now.

I believe a good definition of insanity is doing the same thing over again and expecting a different result. I have seen nothing from our president that shows me he even understands the big picture much less what he will do to fix it. It is my opinion that you have to work very hard to keep the American people so depressed that we haven’t bounced back from the last recession.

We have never had a period of time when we have seen this type of destruction to the American Dream. I pray to God (the one that was written out of the Democratic platform) that we have a change in November. The country is desperately hurting right now. You can help fix it by voting Romney-Ryan.

Stephen Coss

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