Someone should remind the “Democrats” that the dollar bill says “In God We Trust.” Most of your nation’s Founding Fathers were Christians. They recorded their belief that all men “are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights.”

One of their earliest amendments to your Constitution guaranteed freedom of religion. To this day, yours is one of the most God-fearing yet tolerant nations on Earth.

The “Democrats,” at their national convention, cut the words “God-given” from the party platform. When the ensuing embarrassment provoked a panic vote to restore God, pagan delegates booed.

The “Democrats” don’t believe in democracy, the United States, the Constitution, or the clause that says a president must be a natural-born citizen. They don’t believe in free enterprise, or the free market, or any freedom. Now they don’t really believe in God.

Does this matter? Yes. “No religion,” wrote Sir Thomas Browne in his Religio Militis, “so magnifieth goodness as the Christian religion doth.” Christians (I speak from experience) are sinners, but at least we are trying to be better.

Of the world’s religions, the only one whose founder actually did something for his followers, rather than just preaching, was our Blessed Lord. He took the form of one of His own creatures, then died for us on the Cross.

His characteristically concise manifesto, declared before Pilate in the original Latin that He spoke as fluently as He speaks all the tongues of men, was this: Ego in hoc natus sum et ad hoc veni in mundum, ut testimonium perhibeam veritati. “To this was I born, for this came I into the world, that I might bear witness to the truth.” That, surely, is a platform worthy of any political party.

Pilate replied: Quid est veritas? “What is the truth?” A medieval scholar noticed that a neat anagram of the letters in Quid est veritas would have given him the answer: Est vir qui adest (“It is the Man who stands before you”).

Pilate notoriously did not tarry for an answer. This relativistic lack of interest in the truth is the clearest of all distinctions between left and right.

Why, for instance, was the worldwide left unwise enough to fall for “global warming” when the right was more cautious? Why has Mr. Obama recently issued yet another executive order that overrides Congress, this time inflicting capricious restrictions on the right to emit the life-giving trace gas carbon dioxide?

Leftists are no more interested in the truth – on this or any issue – than Pilate was. They merely wait to be told what the party line is, then make no further inquiry. Indeed, they become actively hostile to anyone who asks questions.

Worse, they declare that any unbeliever in the party line must be lunatic. Dozens of “learned” papers by Marxist academics in the journals of psychology classify what they offensively call climate “denialism” as a mental disorder.

A recent contribution to this repellent genre, which will appear in Psychological Science unless the editors recover their sanity in time to stop it, is a tendentious paper by an Australian climate extremist, professor Stephan Lewandowsky.

The paper has a jokey title: “NASA Faked the Moon Landing – Therefore (Climate) Science is a Hoax: An Anatomy of the Motivated Rejection of Science.” The message, though, is pure nastiness: a disreputable exploitation of daffy data to smear free-marketeers (who tend not to buy the party line on “global warming”) by comparing them to conspiracy nutters.

The left has a long and dishonorable history of locking up heretics against the party line in “psychiatric” prisons. They act thus upon their hysterical outrage at any expression of dissent because, having long repudiated true religion, they are blindly unaware that they have gotten a new religion: a fervent, unquestioning, irrational belief in mere “consensus.”

We who believe in God, America, and the wisdom of crowds expressed in elections and in the countless decisions that make free markets work remain capable of rational thought. For we understand the distinction between belief in the truths of religion, which science can neither prove nor disprove, and careful verification of any other “truths” that are proposed to us. Leftists are collectivists: We are individualists. They believe: We verify.

For these reasons, believers in God are inherently more likely to be trustworthy than believers in the party line. We are more trustworthy because In God We Trust. All others vote “Democrat.”

Last week I reported the math puzzle that President Klaus of the Czech Republic set for elementary-school children to mark the new school year: use each of the six symbols (2 3 4 5 + =) just once to make a valid equation. The answer (which hundreds emailed to the president) is 32 = 4 + 5. Another puzzle: How many heads are there on a U.S. dollar bill? The first reader to email the right answer will be honorably mentioned next week.

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