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Iran's enriched uranium stocks adding up

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WASHINGTON – Iran is enriching uranium from five percent to 20 percent, which it is allowed to do as a signatory to the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty, according to a report in Joseph Farah’s G2 Bulletin.

But a recent report from the International Atomic Energy Agency warns that as of May 2012 Iran has 110 kilograms of U-235 on hand, which the open source intelligence company, Langley Intelligence Group, or Lignet, believes would be able to produce up to eight nuclear bombs – if Iran can enrich this uranium to weapons grade of over 90 percent.

There still remains the question of if and how easily Iran can enrich uranium to weapons-grade levels. Experts believe that Iran hasn’t achieved such a technology breakthrough but will have enough stocks for upgrade should it achieve that level. The NPT doesn’t prohibit a country from such enrichment, as long as the NPT signatory doesn’t fashion it into an actual bomb.

Yet, Israel believes Iran isn’t that far off and may in fact have achieved some of the technology for such purposes. So Israel wants to bomb Iran’s nuclear facilities but believes the country will reach a “zone of immunity” from conventional military attack before the end of the year.

Meanwhile, Israel itself is assessed by the U.S. intelligence community to possess some 200 nuclear bombs but isn’t a signatory to the NPT. Nor is Israel a member of the IAEA.

This has brought on talk in Israeli leadership circles about the use of a low-yield high-altitude electromagnetic pulse nuclear bomb explosion over central Iran to neutralize all of Iran’s electronics, as WND/G2Bulletin recently reported.

According to highly reliable sources, that discussion has included an explosion at an altitude high enough to knock out electronics in the entire Middle East to allow Israel’s jet aircraft to attack Iran’s nuclear sites unimpeded.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has said that Iran is making “accelerated progress toward achieving nuclear weapons” despite international sanctions and Western efforts to hold discussions to get Iran to halt its nuclear program.

While Israel believes the program is designed to make nuclear bombs to attack Israel, Iranian Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei has said that his country is only developing nuclear energy for peaceful purposes and has issued a “fatwa,” or religious edict, against the development of a nuclear weapon.

Yet, Iranian officials publicly have been threatening to turn Israel to ashes while a Lebanese parliamentary member of the Iranian-backed Hezbollah recently conceded that Iran is embarked on developing a nuclear weapon when he said that it would be used for Israel’s destruction.

Such rhetoric, according to Lignet, has only heightened Tel Aviv’s anxiety level to seriously consider such an attack on Iran’s nuclear facilities. Iran, however, has been taunting Israel in recent days, believing that Israel’s military capabilities would be greatly stretched to undertake a successful attack, and then it would set back Iran’s program perhaps by a few months.

Israel also will have to weigh that against what the impact of such an attack will have on the country’s reputation in the international community, and the potential repercussions of a counterattack by Iran which has threatened to “swarm” Israel with missiles aimed at its population centers.

For that reason, Israelis in recent days have been issuing gas masks and preparing air raid shelters. These preparations recently were confirmed by U.S. intelligence sources to WND/G2Bulletin.

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