An American ambassador is dead, our embassies are invaded and American flags are burning in dozens of foreign capitals across the globe.

American leftists in and out of the Obama administration are denying responsibility for the Arab Spring uprising (that they encouraged) turning into a nightmare for the U.S., blaming the whole thing on an unreleased 13 minute movie trailer.

Similarly, Obama first praised and then went silent on the Occupy Wall Street movement when the backlash from American public opinion threatened his re-election.

In fact, the two movements were spurred on by the Obama left with the same goal in mind – radical change.

Obama’s 2009 speech in Cairo, Egypt, encouraged Muslims to topple authoritarian regimes all across the Muslim world.

Obama first denied the American view, embodied in the Declaration of Independence, of the universality of God-given individual rights, saying, “America does not presume to know what is best for everyone.”

He then went on to advocate “human rights,” including a “government that is transparent and doesn’t steal from the people,” widely seen as a direct criticism of Egypt President Hosni Mubarak.

In short order, Mubarak, an American ally for more than 30 years, was overthrown by the Arab Spring while Obama smiled from the sidelines.

An election to form a new government was won by the Muslim Brotherhood, an anti-American organization founded in the 1920s and dedicated to Shariah law and a worldwide Islamic state.

The new Egyptian President, Mohammed Morsi, sacked pro-American Egyptian generals and placed the military under his authority.

Last week, a mob shouting “Obama, we are a million Osamas” breached the American Embassy wall in Cairo, tore down and shredded and burned the American flag and raised the black flag of radical Islam without any resistance from security or the new Egyptian regime.

Libya’s Moammar Gadhafi was overthrown and killed in 2011 when he threatened to massacre rebels in Benghazi.

Following the election of a new supposedly moderate Libyan regime, an Islamist militia mounted a 400 man military attack on the U.S. Consulate in Benghazi last week, killing our ambassador.

Obama saved the rebels from slaughter, only to have a group of them slaughter Americans representing his government.

Now Obama would have the world (or at least the American voter) believe that this murderous radical rampage is simply the result of disgruntled movie critics.

How involved is the Obama left in the radicalization of Islam and the anti-American violence that has followed?

Consider a June 2012 speech at Springfield College by Wayne Rathke, described as “the founder and Chief Organizer of ACORN (1970-2008) and Chief Organizer of ACORN International.”

Rathke describes his efforts to spread the ACORN community organizing model into foreign countries. He then describes the similarities between Occupy and the Arab Spring.

Occupy Wall Street had numerous connections to the Arab Spring uprising.

From resolutions of support from the OWS General Assembly to the hacktivist collective Anonymous aid to the uprising in Tunisia and then Egypt, the ties between OWS and the Arab Spring are numerous and influential.

It is not a coincidence that the Guy Falkes mask worn by Anonymous and other OWS activists was prominent in the mob that stormed the Embassy in Cairo last week.

In his speech, Rathke said he called for a delegation of “community and labor organizers” to go to Cairo during the Arab Spring uprising “to seize the opportunity of the movement moment.”

For what purpose?

“Those of us who believe in empowerment and the necessity of social justice and change in the world know we need a movement that is a prairie fire burning everything in its path so the rebuilding of change can happen quickly. We also know we have to keep organizing every day to take advantage of such movements (as the Arab Spring) when they erupt so that the changes can be deep and long lasting.”

A prairie fire is indeed burning through the Muslim world, led by Islamic radicals, encouraged by the American left and deadly to Americans in its path.

It’s no coincidence that Wayne Rathke was the most frequent visitor to the White House in 2009, according to White House visitor logs.

Obama’s foreign policy looks like a failure – a weak, apologetic echo of Jimmy Carter. On closer examination, the firestorm of anti-American violence may be the planned, and certainly the predictable, result of that policy.




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