I have been watching the current presidential election battle basically in stunned silence. As far as I’m concerned, the battle is already over, and all we can do now is watch the reality play out. Here’s why.

Since the dawn of civilization and ever since wars have been fought, no war has ever been won by the party, group or nation that allowed the enemy to dictate the rules of engagement. When the enemy determines what options are allowed and what options are not allowed, the compromising party might as well pack up its bags and go home.

Maybe Mitt Romney is nice man, maybe he’s a good man, and maybe he’s great at business – but either his gut instincts are completely off or his advisers are extremely out of touch.

Mitt could have finished off Barry/Barack (none of us is sure what his real legal name is) months ago if he would have been willing to go for the jugular.

What is Barry’s jugular? The overwhelming evidence that he is a total and complete fraud just like his “birth certificate” and other forms of identification.

But no, none of this is allowed, all of this is off-limits. So what can you say except, sorry, you lose.

Stephen Schrock

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