Dear liberty voter,

It’s the day after Election Day. Mitt Romney lost.

The media praise band is playing “O Hail, King Obama.” The gloating anchors and pundits relay the news with giddiness: “Conservatism lost. The tea party died. Liberalism has triumphed – permanently.”

Welcome to a world where taking the life of the unborn is celebrated, traditional family values trounced and socialized health care and phones for everybody are the rallying cries. Sky high taxes, another 6 trillion in spending and an ever weakening military are the future. Bailouts, insults to business owners, an EPA out of control and $6 gas are here to stay.

What happened?

Through your tears, you look at the numbers: Obama, 49 percent; Romney, 47 percent; 3rd party, 4 percent. You look at the percentages again and realize something: “I just re-elected Barack Obama. I voted third party because there were a few things I just didn’t like about Romney. I was the 4 percent. If I and 50.1 percent of that 4 percent had voted for Romney, Obama would have lost.”

You are devastated as you realize that your well intentioned third-party vote just re-elected the most corrupt and anti-American politician ever to inhabit the White House. It’s your fault. You did it. You voted for Obama. Now your kids, your church, your community and your country are all going to pay the hefty price.

But wait! It’s not the day after Election Day. There are several weeks to go, and you can still do the best thing for the country you love with all your heart. Understand that you don’t have to agree with Romney on everything, but you do have to know that he loves his country and has some ideas which will return it to the America we all love and remember. You can still make a difference! But you can’t make that difference by wasting your vote on a third- or fourth-party candidate who has a zero percent chance of winning. You make a difference by voting and campaigning for Mitt Romney, a man who believes in America and has a plan to restore it to its rightful place of dignity.

Do the right thing! Believe in America! Elect Mitt Romney!

Your children and grandchildren will thank you.

Solomon Shaffer

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