The term “Middle Eastern stability” is perhaps the greatest example of a three-word oxymoron within the English language, or any other language for that matter. Regardless of which emperor, czar, supreme leader, dictator, king, or ayatollah, for the limited time being, holds all oppressive and ultimate power, one thing has always been and most certainly will always be an absolute in this grossly dysfunctional region of the world. As sure as ten thousand suns have set and ten thousand more will rise, there will always be turmoil, strife, discord and borderline Armageddon in this area – and the sooner America grasps the fact that there isn’t a damn thing we can do about it the better.

I would never dream of promoting myself as a diplomat of foreign policy. However, it doesn’t require a level of understanding much above that of a fifth-grader to acknowledge the savage, almost barbaric lifestyle with which many individuals in this vast region conduct themselves on a daily basis. Whether it’s ethnic cleansing, religious persecution, heavy-handed oppression, overt chauvinism, female mutilation, a good ol’ fashioned stoning, or your run-of-the-mill beheading, I would estimate that an entire week during my lifetime has not passed by without my being made aware of at least one act of Medieval proportions worthy of coverage by the nightly news.

As I spoke of a few weeks ago, the true definition of insanity is repeatedly doing the same thing while expecting a different result. When it comes to U.S. foreign policy toward Middle Eastern countries, it doesn’t quite fit the mold of traditional lunacy. Over many decades this nation has attempted a wide array of diplomatic strategies that have consisted of everything from war efforts to overthrowing oppressive dictators to billions in financial aid in an attempt to provide fiscal stability, all which would hopefully lead to a more stable society overall, to basic diplomatic rhetoric. Although some of these efforts have worked in small pockets and to a degree brought about moderately positive results, the overwhelming majority of U.S. diplomatic policies in the Middle East over the past decades have amounted to nothing more than one giant failure.

I don’t have enough time or the energy to go into even superficial detail regarding the many despicable acts perpetrated by Middle Eastern regimes specifically, in conjunction with the overall population in general, as a direct result of the severe hatred most in this region have for the United States and its people. And while I observed over the past several weeks as once again these uncivilized crude people take to the streets burning American flags, burning effigies of our leaders (I’ve never seen them burn our money, however) and chanting “death to America,” I suddenly understood that it’s not which method of diplomacy that makes us insane in our attempts to befriend these cretins but the fact that we even deal with them at all. For any attempt at diplomacy with the anticipation of a result that deviates from what has been consistently produced over many decades is the absolute definition of pure insanity.

It’s time to simply give up. I’ve never been one, even in the bleakest of circumstances, to consider a situation utterly hopeless. However, the possibility of securing lasting peace in the Middle Eastern region of the world and establishing solid stable relationships with the nations and, most of all, the culture there is just that. All signs indicate that whatever form of diplomacy is exercised, any and all efforts amount to nothing more than outright futility.

While I, along with the majority of Americans, feel that it is the United States’ duty, even responsibility, to promote freedom, democracy and the preservation of human rights in all corners of the globe, there must come a time where the most logical diplomacy is no diplomacy. The time has come where the realization must occur within our government and our population that the divide between the ideals, morals and ethics that exists within the foundations of democracy and those within the culture of the Middle East is just too great.

With a society that bases the entirety of life around a glorified cult passing itself off as a religion whose principles are in stark contrast with the core beliefs of democracy, a permanent, even moderately long-lived peaceable relationship is an impossibility. For a long-lasting common ground to exist between West and East a massive ideological transition of unfathomable proportions would have to occur. Basically, Islam would have to cease to exist … or democracy would – but neither ideology is going anywhere.

Many will argue the need for continued diplomacy, arguing that the consistent and incessant violence, hatred etc. are the work and mindset of just a radical few. To pose a rebuttal to that theory: A radical “few” does not consist of hundreds of thousands of angry, rioting, burning, murdering, venom-spewing individuals strewn over a dozen countries for weeks on end with no word whatsoever from the “peace loving” Muslims denouncing the acts of the “radical few.” While there are differing degrees of hatred, that underlying theme seems to exist consistently among them all.

It’s time to end our futile efforts. It’s time to bring our hundreds of millions of dollars in annual wasted financial aid home. It’s time to bring our extremely valuable human resources home and put up a hypothetical fence, leaving these ungrateful children to their own destruction and demise. It’s time to steal a page from the diplomatic playbook of U.S/Cuban relations. End this insanity. It’s time!

Quote of the week: “… after the forbidden months have passed, slay the unbelievers wherever you find them; capture them, torture them, besiege them, prepare every stratagem of warfare against them. …” Quran Surah 9:5

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