Joseph Farah, the co-founder of WND and now its editor and CEO, says the “legacy” media, those old traditional establishments such as newspapers and networks, don’t want to report as much as shape the news these days.

Farah was a guest recently on The Wayne Richard Show, as the host brought up a recent poll showing that the Internet now is considered a better source of news than television or newspapers.

Farah said when he and his wife, Elizabeth Farah, launched WND as WorldNetDaily in 1997, their goal was what used to be standard in the news industry – to be a watchdog on government.

That influence on people today, he said, is “increasingly intrusive” and trying to “grab more and more power.”

“Our central role is to serve as a watchdog on government. But that’s been completely forgotten by my colleagues out there,” he said.

“What we see in the press today is a bunch of lapdogs, not watchdogs, people who actually believe their personal and national salvation comes from government doing everything,” he said.

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He said the perspective has taken time to change from its original intent, to look out for citizens against the influence of an overwhelming government.

The old-timers, Farah recalled, were dedicated to getting the news – all of the news – out so that people could make their decisions.

“I can actually point to conversations I used to have with old-time grizzled reporters and city editors where we’d talk about what it meant to be a journalist,” he said.

But the new generation is different.

“They didn’t want to report the news, they wanted to shape the news, use the news media to promote a political, philosophical, even spiritual, agenda,” he said.

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Listen to the interview:

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