“This puts the Obama administration in the difficult position of having to defend freedom of speech.”

Wait, what?

Those words, lightly paraphrased, were spoken by a Fox News reporter. The report concerned the ongoing myth that an obscure YouTube video “movie” – uploaded by someone who may or may not be what we used to call a “crank” – is behind the strangely coincidental and obviously coordinated attacks on American embassies and consulates on the 11th anniversary of September 11th. The Muslim theocracy that is newly hostile Egypt has gone so far as to threaten to bring the “filmmaker” to trial. That’s right, America: Foreign nations run by violent Muslims want to prosecute, convict and behead you for exercising your freedom of speech. They are emboldened by our own weak government, our own failed president.

Obama and his functionaries have embarrassed us further by repeatedly apologizing for the terrible inconvenience that is the First Amendment. Much hand-wringing has accompanied Hillary Clinton and Obama’s publicly expressed regrets that, golly, there really is no way to shut up an American expressing his political or religious views, no matter how much we might like to. And, heck, it’s not that we didn’t try, bringing him in for questioning and all.

As the Middle East burns and American citizens are murdered, the press and a gleeful Obama campaign has been far more interested in the “secret” tape of Romney saying … well, what we already all know. It’s absolutely true that almost half of Americans pay no income taxes. It’s absolutely true that almost half of Americans form Obama’s voting base of unemployed, uninvolved, uninformed leeches who mooch off society and believe they are entitled to food, housing and free Obamaphones. It’s absolutely true that such parasites are not motivated by lowering taxes because this takes from their mouths the inflated dollars they want government to steal in their names.

It’s these same Obama voters, these same dependent children, these same second-handers, who empower Obama’s foreign policy of appeasement and apology. It’s these same losers who empower a tyrant who hates people who actually work, a man who can say with perfect contempt and equally perfect honesty that “you didn’t build that.” And no, Obama wasn’t just talking about roads and bridges, you liberal whelps. He was saying, in context and per his full quotation, that anyone who manages to build a business or make a financial success of himself owes the collective for his efforts, and thus stands divorced from the products of his labors.

This not only ignores the fact that the people who “helped” that businessperson were duly compensated for their efforts, but facilitates the mindset that informs all Democratic, socialist, collectivist efforts to take what you have earned. Before we can treat all money as the property of government, before we can persuade you to be grateful for whatever crumbs your all-powerful, all-seeing, all-controlling government permits you to keep, we must first brainwash you into believing that the work you did, the effort you expended, was never truly yours to begin with.

There is, however, something much more insidious at work here. It is the philosophy of weakness, the philosophy of apologizing for those freedoms and those protections of individual liberty that once made America great. That is the spirit of Uncle Sugar Obama and his voters, who want him to take care of them. They are like children begging treats from an indifferent father.

That is the spirit of Obama’s foreign policy. That is the spirit of Obama’s arrogant, autocratic rule, a rule for which Obama believes his serfs should thank him. This attitude of showing our enemies our national throat, of kneeling before them, of bowing and scraping and denying American exceptionalism, of diminishing this nation in the vain hope of ingratiating ourselves to lesser nations and inferior religions, is diametrically opposed to the greatest threat we face at home and abroad: that of Islamist aggression.

That’s right: The phrase is inferior religions. Fundamentalist, radical Islam is a religion of hatred and subjugation. It facilitates mass murder. It motivates unprovoked aggression. It puts despotic theocracies in power. It oversees terror and death in the name of a moon god whose contradictory proclamations have never held the promise or the beauty of the world’s truly great scriptures.

Islamists will attack any perceived weakness. They cannot be appeased. They brook no reason. They understand only force and the threat of more force. Islam has made violence its stock in trade. It bares its teeth in the form of deafening ululation, making its medieval aims known to any who stand before it, disagree with it, or otherwise oppose it. The message of modern Islamist oppression is clear enough: Obey us. Grant us our Shariah law. Stand away. Give us a wide berth … or we will murder you and your children.

Aggressive Islamists do not represent the whole of their religion. There are large numbers of non-militant Muslims. Many of them are perfectly nice people. Their crime is one of apathy; their sin is one of association. They are just like many Obama voters. They are content to leave their more aggressive, more tyrannical counterparts in power. Like Obama voters, they have accepted that their place in the world lies at the feet, and consuming the leavings, of the fundamentalists in their front ranks. This is why, when Muslims murder Americans and other innocent human beings, condemnation from other Muslims is so faint and infrequent.

Just as Obama’s parasitic voting base cannot be moved by rational solutions to real problems, these peaceful Muslims have little say in what their hate-filled brethren do. They are spectators. They may nod in approval or look away in discomfort, but they are actively involved in neither problems nor solutions. They are simply chaff, the leftovers, the also-were.

This is why, when the grown-ups discuss politics, you who are Obama’s base, and you who are complicit Islamists, should remain silent. You can’t help us. You aren’t involved.

Now hush. Adults are speaking.

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