(RUSHLIMBAUGH.COM) RUSH:  I tell you, I really hope that Mother Jones pulls down that Romney video pretty fast.  Well, what he said about the Palestinians not wanting peace, that’s got the media as riled up as anything.  The Palestinians are sacred to some people in our news media and the rest of the Democrat Party.  Almost as sacred as Mohammed is the to the Islamists. And if they don’t pull that video down, our media might start rioting over what Romney said.

Okay, let’s just dive in here.  Romney’s at a fundraiser, he’s in Boca Raton.  I think I’ve mentioned this to you, folks, a couple of times.  I have attended such fundraisers.  I was not at this one, but I have been at candidate fundraisers, and I’ve had meetings with presidential candidates.  And, without exception, this is common.  Republican presidential candidates go full metal conservatism when they’re talking to donors.  When I saw the Romney video, the first thing I thought, “All right, we have a golden opportunity.”

I don’t care how this is being cast by the media.  That’s predictable.  What are we doing here?  What is really happening?  This election is about what?  It’s about stopping Barack Obama.  That’s what this election’s about.  And we are hoping that a majority of people agree with us, that Barack Obama needs to be stopped.  So here’s Romney at the Boca Raton fundraiser, and he happens to be telling these people a certain level of truth, a certain level of accuracy.  I think there’s a bunch of people in that 47% that don’t want to be there.  I think there’s a lot of that 47%, they’re there because of Obama.  This is such a golden opportunity.

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