Talk-radio pathblazer and veteran journalist Barry Farber is on his game. His piercing critique of the mainstream media – “Why tolerate media propaganda?” – is brilliant, genially written but a dire warning from a media professional of extensive knowledge and worldly experience. Unfortunately, the haughty MSM ignores sage advice that could save them from the bitter condemnation of history. The MSM play their role as part of a perverse recipe for the making of an American disaster.

Take an elite corps of lockstep liars. Install them as robotic mouthpieces of the mainstream media programmed to gush over Hussein Obama as the pharaoh of big government, and reject or ridicule any person or fact upsetting the ordained media narrative: “Big Government is Our God and Obama is Its Prophet.”

Take an entrenched Washington political crowd, the most ruthless and self-serving bunch of incompetents and souless blowhards ever to assemble in a single locus, and let them do their thing.

Voila. The recipe yields a hopelessly bankrupt, failed republic descending into a nightmare of totalitarian despair. Are you proud of yourselves, MSM and Washington, D.C.?

V. Johnston

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