MSNBC host Lawrence O’Donnell was not too excited about being offered a copy of the New York Times bestselling book, “Fool Me Twice.”

The book’s author, Aaron Klein, attempted to hand a copy to O’Donnell today at the Democratic National Convention but the MSNBC talking head immediately rejected the book after he saw the title.

O’Donnell didn’t respond to Klein’s question about whether he is excited about the prospects of a second Obama term.

“Fool Me Twice,” written with co-author Brenda J. Elliott, lays out the specific policy prescriptions Obama will attempt to enact if he is reelected in November.

The full title is “Fool Me Twice: Obama’s Shocking Plans for For More Years Exposed.”

The book exposes Obama’s plan for jobs, wages, health care, immigration, electoral “reform,” national energy policy, Pentagon plans and more.

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