Joseph, I just read your article from two days ago about ending foreign aid and meddling in other sovereign nations affairs. Oh, yeah! [“U.S. Out of Mideast now!”]

Last August, Netanyahu addressed a joint session of Congress and told the U.S. that Israel doesn’t need us to be telling them how to run their country. It’s about time the United States started listening!

Time to call all our diplomats home from the Middle East, close our embassies, bring our troops home and end ALL foreign aid.

By the way, your policy suggestion isn’t really isolationism; any private individual or corporation that wants to continue investing/trading in the Middle East can do so. It just won’t be the U.S. doing it with tax dollars.

Three cheers for your new stance! Stand strong – many will disagree with you. Know that there are SO many more who agree with you, but won’t take the time to express it.


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