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Obama 'going against wishes of most Americans'

A Florida pastor concerned about Barack Obama’s ideology regarding marriage, family and God says America is headed for tragedy if the direction in which the country is being led isn’t changed quickly.

Rev. William Owens Jr., head of the “Mandate for Marriage” initiative, told WND in an interview about the growing importance of informing American families just how vital it is to protect traditional marriage. He highlighted the urgency of an upcoming Marriage-thon, simulcast live Sept. 28 from 5 p.m. to 10 p.m. Eastern Time at marriagethon.com.

He is also calling for a “Come to Jesus” meeting with Obama.

“The trajectory of Obama’s ideology has finally arrived at its dark destination … a godless America, a family-less America, and an unAmerican America,” he told WND.

In a recent article, Owens wrote: “Since Obama has taken the White House, he has been effective in his quest to fundamentally change the course of America. He realizes this is not possible unless he removes the fundamentals of America: God, family and country, even if it means going against the wishes of most Americans, which he has done with disdain and contempt,” Owens writes in a recent article.”

Owens told WND the homosexual community “wants to change the dialogue regarding marriage in society to something not based on the traditions or values of most Americans.”

“If we don’t discuss it, we will allow the homosexual community to follow the same trajectory as prayer in school and abortion,” he said.

“It is important for us to celebrate marriage.”

Owens told WND that everyone who is married, or desires to be married, regardless of political or religious affiliation, should want to protect and celebrate the sanctity of marriage.

“Every young girl wants a knight in shining armor, and every young boy wants to find his princess,” Owens said. “It’s sad that we have to say ‘traditional marriage,’ when what we really mean is a boy and a girl, getting married and starting a family.”

Owens said the push by politicians all the way up to the White House to redefine marriage and normalize the homosexual lifestyle is a driving force behind the Marriage-thon.

“Right now the government, through Obama, says it’s ‘not fair to discriminate against two individuals who want to spend their life together,'” while it works to repeal the Defense of Marriage Act, or DOMA.

Owens said the legislation proposed by Sen. Diane Feinstein, D-Calif., called ROMA, or Respect of Marriage Act, is designed to nullify DOMA.

“They say that we should respect all marriages,” he said.

“If they repeal DOMA, then they will decree that ROMA is the new law of the land. Churches will then be regulated to follow the new law of the land, and government will infringe on our constitutional right to free speech.”

Owens would like everyone who is concerned about marriage to read up on the issue at wecelebratemarriage.com and to watch the free livestream of the Marriage-thon.

“People can help us by telling friends and family about the Marriage-thon, by liking our Facebook page, and by supporting our super-PAC, the marriage mandate fund,” said Owens.

The Marriage-thon is designed, according to Owens, to put the conversation about marriage back into the community and to raise awareness about the attempted re-definition of marriage in society.

“We want to inform people what it would mean for them if marriage is redefined,” Owens said.

“The agenda of the LGBT community is not simply to have the right to have a loving relationship with a partner, but to change our culture,” Owens told WND. “Especially in the area of education and our children.

“They want to force a group of people to accept their lifestyle, but it’s really a cover up to penetrate our belief system,” he said.

Owens told WND about a recent conversation he had with a politician who asked, “Why should I care if two people want to get married? Gay marriage doesn’t affect me.”

“His argument stopped when I posed this scenario to him,” Owens told WND.

“I said, imagine your beautiful daughter coming up to you and saying, ‘Dad, I’m in love and I want to get married.’

“What you immediately picture is your future as a grandfather, and you imagine the grandchildren that will certainly come.

“Only, what follows has the effect of cutting your life short when your beautiful daughter announces that she intends to marry another girl.”

Owens explained that the bloodline, and continuation of one’s life, ends with the destruction of marriage and family as God intended it.

“You will statistically find yourself spending your time caring for an ill person, because the homosexual community, which is 2 percent of the population, accounts for a significantly higher percentage of disease and illness.

“Don’t say that ‘homosexual marriage doesn’t affect me,’ because it really does,” Owens said.

“Let the fruit of the tree speak for itself,” he said.  “It may not bother you, but it definitely affects our society and our culture. Even if you think it doesn’t affect you, it may affect your child, or your workplace, and most certainly society.”

Owens told WND that he also plans to take the “Celebrate Marriage” message on the road to expose the agenda behind the homosexual advocacy for same-sex marriage.

“If we protect marriage, we strengthen families. If we strengthen families, then we strengthen society. However, if the homosexual lobby wins the war on marriage, then it will have the opposite effect on families and society,” Owens said.

“If they can redefine marriage, then they can redefine anything they want,” he said.

“Look at the word ‘gay’,” he said. “They can’t find a word of their own that defines what they are, because there’s nothing normal about it. They have to hijack a word that they want their lifestyle to mean, and make it their own.”

Owens said everyone, especially pastors, needs to take a stand for traditional marriage.

“To be silent on the issue of what God says about marriage is also to be silent about Christ,” he said. “There is no acceptable silence on the issue.”